Fantasy Soccer - The year comes to an end - La Liga


02 March 2021

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The Spanish League has produced exciting moments and it will surely continue to do so until the last game of the 2008/2009 season is played. This year we have seen huge numbers of touchdowns counted by a great collection of players from different teams. Current La Liga leader Eto'o de Barcelona has scored 27 with some matches still to be played. This looms over the much smaller mark of English Premier League scorer Ronaldo, who has amassed just 17. Some of the most influential players in this year's campaign are outlined below, as well as a look into next season. .

Tres de Barcelona: Incredible. That's just one way to describe the 27 Eto'o goals that he has produced so far with Barcelona. A key member of Barça's "tri-attack", Eto'o fits perfectly between Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi to form a devastating line of attack. Eto'o leads with 27 goals, but is closely followed by his partners Messi with 21 and Henry with 17 at the top of the score sheet. Combined, they have been an offensive powerhouse and have led Barça to the top of the table for most of the season.

Looking ahead, Messi is showing why he can be called the best there is and should do more of the same if not improve. Eto'o is a goal scoring machine and foresees great benefits if he remains at Barça. Henry has been linked to various teams, including MLS. Naturally, if he leaves, his Fantasy LaLiga stock will disappear.

Firm Real Madrid: Eclipsed by Barça most of the year, Real have been consistent as the year draws to a close, and we could find the Madrid boys as the champion of Spain. Led by Raúl and Gonzalo Higuaín (who have scored 18 goals) they have propelled Madrid throughout the season and have kept pace with Barça's furious victory. Madrid have seen solid contributions from Huntelaar when he entered the transfer window, and he should figure in Real Madrid's long-term plans alongside Higuaín.

Looking ahead, I plan for Madrid to be very active in the offseason and I wouldn't be surprised to see Ronaldo finally come from Manchester United. Raúl will be a year older, and with Higuaín proving his worth and Huntelaar providing additional stability, Raúl may find there is more pressure to maintain his place in the starting eleven.

The Highlights: This year's title race is down once again to Madrid vs. Marca, but there have been some major performances from La Liga players that has been huge from a fantasy perspective. The much talked about David Villa has had a spectacular year to follow his great performance at EURO 2008. This year he has shot 25 goals, which is second behind Eto'o. Valencia may not be able to keep his superstar, so Villa is likely to move onto money-laden pastures. Atlético de Madrid have seen several outstanding campaigns from Diego Forlán, who has scored 23 goals, and Sergio Agüero has had a solid year.

Going forward, the transfer window will be the big story, as it has every year lately, and it can change the fantasy values ​​from one week to the next. Keep an eye on the news to see who goes where, and who will increase or decrease the value of fantasy by adding or subtracting around them.


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