News updates on solar energy


02 March 2021

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There are news updates on solar energy from around the world. It appears that the international target for renewables relates to solar energy more than any other sustainable clean energy being investigated. For example, in Spain you can find the huge Gemasolar Plant that uses a circular format of panels that are reflected to generate electricity at night after the sun goes down. The researchers who developed Gemasolar placed the mirrored panels in a circular pattern for a reason. It consists of taking the radiation or radiant light from the sun and pointing it to a receiver that is in the center of the panels. Heat is created to heat the salt tanks that generate steam. The steam is responsible for turning the turbines that generate the energy that can be stored for at least fifteen hours at night or for days without sunlight.

Gemasolar's location is on the outskirts of Seville. The weather is usually sunny and at this time the energy produced by this plant powers more than 25,000 homes. Climates like those found in California and other western US states would offer great locations for this type of solar power plant. California is the leading state in the number of solar panels operating in both industry and private homes and targets have been set to increase the use of electricity from solar power greatly over the next twenty years.

There are critics of the large solar panels. Some people feel that it ruins that rural landscape and interferes with wildlife habitats. Transporting electricity from rural areas to urban areas where there are larger populations may include the construction of unsightly power lines that would be built above ground. However, there are also critics of the transport of electricity in underground structures. The positive news updates on solar energy is that compared to other forms of energy that require mining, oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing, there is no carbon waste connected to solar energy other than what is needed to make the panels. There is no risk to underground water sources from solar panels and there are no moving parts like wind turbine blades that kill birds when they fly into them.


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