Essentials of Doing Court Marriage/Court marriage in Delhi?


07 March 2021

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There are some rules which should be followed whether you're doing Court Marriage/Court Marriage In Delhi/ Same Day Court Marriage/ Arya Samaj marriage/ Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi. All the essentials are listed below:-

• The Age of the girls should be greater than 18 and this criterion will jump to 21 in the case of Boy.
• The preference of 2 witnesses is compulsory for any side. They can be family members, friends, and relatives.
• If you're willing to do Same day court marriage/Tatkal Court Marriage/Urgent court marriage in Delhi then it'll take 3-4 hours for the complete procedure.
• In the Same Day court marriage, the peoples from Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Buddist religions can participate.
• If you're willing to do the Same day court marriage in Delhi /Tatkal Court Marriage in Delhi/Urgent court marriage in Delhi then you can select the weekday except for Sunday or public holiday.
• The marrying couple must have the proper documents which are required.

So, these are the essentials that must be followed in every type of court marriage in Delhi. Now, we're going to discuss the procedure of court marriage in Delhi.



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