PUBG New Updates



08 March 2021

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In the new update for PUBG Mobile, mystical powers will appear. On the map of Erangel, you can use runes from another world, which give players special power. With their help, gamers will be able to get a different kind of strategic advantage.

•Rune of Flame-players can summon the wheel of flame, which slowly rolls forward, causing burns to opponents. The extra boost skill adds incendiary bullet damage for a while.
•Rune of Cold - in addition to the power-up skill, which adds a freezing effect to bullets, reducing the effectiveness of healing opponents, players with this skill can summon a 3x3 ice grid for protection in the middle of battle.
•Wind Rune-This skill summons a translucent wind shield that reduces damage from bullets fired outside of it. The boost skill increases the player's movement speed and reduces the cooldown time by some time.
In addition, the game will feature new skins and special tasks related to runes, which will bring players special rewards. The update is already available for download absolutely free on iOS and Android.



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