852542 146 Air Jordan 1 MID Swoosh White game Royal gym Red black Unisex 36 47.5

Expires in 4 months

17 April 2022

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So just to be clear. Your buying fake stuff but at a price that makes sense

since its fake. But its better quality than stuff at the local flea market in

the states. so is it really good quality stuff? Where does all this stuff come

from? And where can I get a badass fake rolex to mow grass in. You know how

badass it would be. Id be willing to pay 1-200 on one.

Holy crap if this lady is already rationing her food like this, imagine how

bad she's going to be when shit hits the fan and the apocalypse happens! 😂

XD I honestly feel horrible for these kids, imagine eating 14 pieces of cereal

for breakfast and three squares of waffles! OML

( I know this show is scripted and fake btw. )

You can't say UA IS fake. If UA is fake then the resellers are fake & even some of

there retail pair are “fake”: https://impressionboot.com/5966-da4659-001-air-jordan-1-low-brushstroke-swoosh-black-red-white-woman-36-39-man-40-46.html. I can understand feel like because you paid 200 instead of 5, 000 that there fake

because who would do that! Well yea sure considering they come out at 190! 5000 is

not the real price. Compare UA to the retail price not resell

Man I buy vintage sneakers because where I live, 555112-400 Air Jordan 1 MID Polka Dot Swoosh Half Blue/black-white Unisex:36-47.5, there was no fake sneaker industry like 10 years ago.

AND I just got sick of paying resell for shoes, didn't wanna buy UA's so I switched

to older releases. 95% of what I've picked up is heat and going for twice; thrice

the amount I buy them for on GOAT etc.

Hype beasts don't even realise the best heat is in the depths of community. What I've

picked up. they're from old sneaker heads who loved to ball and what the culture USED

to be. 'UA' is desperate acceptance at best; the result of elitism at worst.

This has been a rant by Lil $tab.

Here's my website: https://impressionboot.com