David Sherrer Florida


15 March 2021

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Website: https://scienceon.kisti.re.kr/srch/selectPORSrchPatent.do?cn=USP2014068742874

Address: Cocoa Beach, Florida

David Sherrer of Florida is the founder of Nuvotronics and an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, and engineer. Mr. Sherrer served as the president of Nuvotronics from its start in July, 2008 until March of 2018. His company was acquired by Cubic in March of 2019. David Sherrer of Florida has been granted over150 patents on his inventions, and has successfully sold 50 of these patents to the largest global electronics companies for over $100 billion. Some of these patents included semiconductors, advanced packaging, and HBLED lighting. Sherrer attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he earned a bachelor of science in physics in 1992, a bachelor of science in physiology in 1993, and a masters of science in electrical engineering in 1996. Mr. Sherrer is also a partner at Seed Funds Orlando, helping to invest in other entrepreneurs and startups.
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