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24 March 2021

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Now, retention rate is one of the best-kept-secret of spotify promotion. Well, because it’s hard to attain for us music promotion pros, and few actually bother doing it. Not like so in an ‘algorithmocracy’ made to snatch profits away from traditional music studio execs by, you know, giving listeners what they want, on demand.

If you’re having trouble naming the ads, then try to name them generically or as specific as you can. As for objective, it comes before you pick a name for your ads because having an objective is the true first step. So ask yourself a simple question–what is your objective? Is it to connect with your audience, or is it promoting your brand, new services, or music? If your objective is clear to you, it’ll bring out your creative side and use that creativity to create ads.

We help you to increase the range of your tracks and to get many more views. Your tracks have been uploaded to the platform for a while, but the number of views does not live up to your expectations? It is not always obvious why so few users are aware of you. And browse packages built for every genre, popularity level and music promotion needs. , or optimize your spotify organic growth with geo-targeted followers distributed in time to keep you high in discover weekly and spotify release radar.

The plays are 100% real since unique users will stream your song. With the emergence of music streaming came the acceptance of the music lovers of the whole world. It’s is used every day by millions of people whether at work, at home, or on the move with a mobile phone.

It gives your spotify account a legitimate and international feel that will eventually help you draw a more real and global crowd. If you want to buy spotify streams; there are 5 plans available for that. You can buy streams in the range of 1000 to 100k plays, priced from $4.99 to $269.99. Viralyft is a top choice of social media users when it comes to buying social signals.

Plus, they also offer complimentary offers, giveaway bundles, and special rates for their regular customers. Guaranteed promotion- they know how marketing operates, how major brands raise their figures to reach the charts. Streambeet works to assist artists in supporting their tracks through their followers. Spotify, the music streaming platform launched in 2008, has captured the market and our hearts by providing easy access to music by talented artists all over the world.

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