The island of perversion

29 January 2024

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It sounded quite nice. This resort was seeking girls of pleasure with no inhibitions for 1 year on a tropical island.

The only way in was by ferry from the mainland, but as soon as we arrived at the island we were greeted by two lovely young girls in short dresses and a boy who took our luggage and led us to the resort. They were about four foot tall, weighing only about thirty to forty pounds, slender, long black hair and eyes just as dark.

I registered and was shown to my room.

"My name is Julia; I am your pantygirl. Would you like to take a shower?" I nodded. To my surprise she helped me undress, undoing the buttons of my shirt, and unzipping my fly of my pants. I removed them. I was rock hard.

She pulled her short dress down revealing a pair of nice white thong panties.
"Would you like to touch my panties?" She asked
With out even thinking I reached down and slipped my finger up against her gusset. I'll be damned if it wasn't wet with her own fluids. My finger slipped right between
those little petals. She gasped and told me that it felt really good.
I couldn't make myself stop. I slipped my finger up and down her little panty clad slit between those petals even slipping it up to touch her little clitoris that was surprisingly stiff and very sensitive. She gasped as my finger tickled that little clit.
She went away from me and led me by my cock to the shower .In the shower she turned on the taps and after the water had soaked both of us she took the soap and rubbed it all over my naked body, especially around my cock and balls and into the crack of my anus. Then she handed me the soap. I ran it over her breasts, chest and between her legs spending quite a bit of time down there sliding the cake into her pussy until I slipped my finger down until I could feel her little entrance. She spread her little legs even further
apart. My finger slipped up inside of that little body. She was so tight. I pushed my finger up inside of her as far as I could. I didn't feel any obstruction and she didn't pull away or cry with pain
She leaned over and kissed my cock right on the head and when she did, she also licked her tongue around the end of my sensitive cock head.
"Oh my god." I thought. I couldn't move to even push her away.
It didn't end there. When I didn't move, she suddenly opened her mouth and slipped it over my big cock head and wrapped her little lips around my cock shaft.
All I could do was stand there letting her do it. It was like I was frozen in time. Believe me it seemed like only a second and I couldn't stop myself from filling her little mouth with a mouth full of my hot sperm. It seemed like I would never stop cumming.
I'll be damned if she didn't swallow almost every drop of my hot baby making sperm. When she had it all out of me and my cock head cleaned with her mouth and tongue, she pulled her mouth off of my cock and gave me a big smile."
"I bet you feel a lot better now?"
She smiled and dried me off and led me to the room where she explained about the resort.
"On this island there are no laws so you can indulge in any type of sex you like, but obviously panty fetishism is the specialty here". She switched on the TV and showed me how it worked. Each channel took me to different parts of the resort. To the pool where men and women were sunbathing in underwear and being massaged by panty clad young girls and boys. To the dungeon, where a young boy in tight briefs was whipping a woman on the back. To the public toilet where a young girl was pissing over an older woman through her panties. She showed me the cabinet where videos were and other titles unobtainable in most parts of the world where.

"Remember you need never masturbate here. Whenever you want sex you consult this book. In it is a list of all girls and boys, ages and photos and what they are best at. In the evenings there are shows!" She showed me the wardrobe full of female clothing and the sheet of paper I had to fill.

I wrapped a towel around my naked body and headed for the beach to a sunlounger where I lay down. It wasn’t long before a girl asked me if I wanted her to rub some suntan lotion into my skin. She was a honey wearing just a tiny black bikini bottom. I nodded and she asked me to turn onto my stomach.

She poured some lotion onto my back and to my surprise she climbed on top of my back and used her breasts to rub the lotion in. My cock hardened again as she finished massaging it in on my back and moved down to my buttocks where she climbed off me and used her hands to massage the lotion into my buttocks and between my thighs. She asked me to turn over, when I turned over she smiled and poured some more lotion over my stomach and chest and again used her breasts to massage it in. Finally, she poured a copious amount over my cock and balls and climbed onto me again in a reverse slide position; making a tube of her tits she slid my cock between them. I ran my hands over her buttocks and inside the bikini bottoms, but I did not get far as I shot my load over her face. She continued milking me dry, climbed off me and left me to go into the sea to get rid of the excess of cum still dribbling out of my cock.

In the water I got talking to a 40 year old woman, Irena who had seen me being massaged.

"I saw that girl work you over. That was a very sexy thing she did". She was from Italy and her name was Irena and she was over with her husband.

"You like young girls?" I asked

"And boys too. You?" I nodded.

"Why don’t you come to my room for pre-dinner sex?" She asked with a mischievous smile. "And don’t go to the toilet before!" She gave me her room number.

At 5pm I knocked on her door. "The door is open". She announced. I walked in and was confronted with a guy whom I assumed was her husband tied, kneeling at the foot of the bed, wearing panties, stockings and suspenders with a girl fucking him with a large strap-on dildo over a tiny skirt and Irena lying on the bed beside him with 2 boys masturbating themselves beside her, shooting their loads over her face and breasts. I put my hand under the girl’s skirt and started fondling her pussy through the gusset of the material, feeling them moisten. She pressed her self against my fingers so that they penetrated deeper through the panties inside her.

Irena came over to me and asked me to pee onto the girl’s body. I was rock hard. She took my cock in her hands and pointed it at the young nymph. I could still piss over the girl’s body. Irena guided my cock to where she wanted me to pee and soon I had covered the girl’s body with my pee. Her husband climbed on top of the girl and licked all my pee from her body.

Her husband climbed off her and the girl was told to taker a shower. When she came back she was wearing a pair of thong panties which barely covered her bald pussy, her tiny micro skirt and spaghetti straps on a tight white singlet. Irene had the 2 boys-one with his cock in her mouth and the other in her pussy. I watched them fuck her and it did not take them long to ejaculate in her mouth.

"You don’t mind if Giovani takes the 2 boys to your room, do you? So we can play with this gorgous girl

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