23 pinterest stats and facts marketers must know in 2021


13 April 2021

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This means if your child accidentally views something disturbing, pinterest may continue showing the same kind of content. I created a pinterest account 3 weeks ago and just found out about the hashtags. I have my own ecommerce store with my own images . Pinterest is a visual social media platform where users can create and share pins, create boards, and shop.

The majority of our posts did not include hashtags. Looking at our stats for repins, likes, and comments, our top pins were those with a short description, 100 characters or fewer. From the video above, the pinterest team shares 5 keys to what it’s found to be most valuable in writing up the descriptions of your pins. You can create the image from scratch, building a new image with specific dimensions and aspect ratios in photoshop or gimp.

It's a good idea to use a business email here to help differentiate your accounts. Before you sign up and start pinning, here's everything you need to know about using pinterest for your business. Get the insights you know and love from the instagram app, plus additional analytics for calculating engagement rates, best times to post, and more. It’s the perfect place to showcase your brand, business and products to an engaged marketplace with plenty of spending power. And with all the hints and tips in this guide, you’re already taking all the right steps to set up a beautiful pinterest account that appeals to your target audience.

About 25% of consumers reported buying a product or service after discovering it on pinterest. Again, it all hinges on the attractiveness of the products as presented in the tweets. The average useful lifespan of a tweet is measured in minutes. Facebook posts exist in newsfeeds for a few hours.

The machine learning aspects of this strike me as fascinating. Discovery, which is different from search, is a very human process. We’re not building a machine that answers questions, although that’s great. We’re helping you discover the things you like.

In any event, I recommend using both keywords and hashtags that people are actually searching for. “okc” seems like a brand acronym and I’m not sure how many people would know of it. It’s not the volume of hashtags that’s really useful, it’s actually making sure you are using the hashtags that people will likely be searching for. So not trying to do like 100 because actually doing too many will decrease rank in some capacity because we will think it is possibly spam.

So I really think spammers are finding pins to steal by popularity, not hashtags. I can’t say if this is true, or it just provides an easy way for us to find our pins that have been stolen. When creating a new pin on mobile, suggested hashtags pop up with a number. Add hashtags for pins in the description by typing “#” followed by a keyword or phrase. If you use a branded hashtag, place it before other hashtags for brand recognition.

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