Journal of psychedelic studies accepted manuscript

28 April 2021

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Marijuana was classified in the same category, despite existing studies indicating that both cannabis and hallucinogens possess medical benefits. Hallucinogens have been used for centuries by cultures throughout the world and may have even led to the birth of religion. A few scholars have hypothesized over the years that the substances may explain the talking serpent in the bible's book of genesis, as well as the burning bush that spoke to moses in the book of exodus.

However, many people who use opioids are unable or unwilling to access these treatments or do not adhere to them consistently enough to achieve long-term improvement (28–30). There are no approved pharmacotherapies for cannabis and stimulant use disorders , and with the exception of contingency management , behavioral therapies generally have modest efficacy for treating suds . Thus, the current public health landscape highlights an urgent need for novel, innovative strategies for treating suds.

For example, cannabis users were significantly younger and fewer of them were from the united states, compared to opioid and stimulant users. Additionally, cannabis users had lower mean ratings of substance-related distress, substance craving prior to the reference psychedelic experience, age of first primary substance use, and dudit-c change scores compared to opioid and stimulant users. Furthermore, a larger proportion of opioid users sought treatment following the reference psychedelic experience, and more of them had been previously diagnosed with a substance use disorder, compared to cannabis or stimulant users. Cannabis users also had significantly lower meq30 total scores, and ratings of change in well-being or life satisfaction, than opioid users. First, descriptive statistics of background and demographic characteristics, history of psychedelic use and characteristics of psychedelic session, substance use and history of treatment, substance withdrawal symptoms, and psychiatric history were calculated.

In addition to symptom relief, psychedelic experiences often lead to significant changes in a patient’s personality and worldview. Focusing on the case of psilocybin, we argue that the peculiar features of psychedelics pose certain novel risks, which warrant an enhanced informed consent process–one that is more comprehensive than what may be typical for other psychiatric medications. We highlight key issues that should be focused on during the consent process and suggest discussion prompts for enhanced consent in psychedelic psychiatry.

Crowdsourcing, the use of the internet to outsource work to a large number of people, has witnessed a dramatic growth over the past decade. One popular crowdsourcing option, amazon mechanical turk , is now commonly used to sample participants for psychological research. Addiction science is positioned to benefit greatly from crowdsourced sampling due to the ability to efficiently and effectively tap into populations with specific behavioral and health histories. The primary objective of this review is to describe the utility of crowdsourcing, broadly, and mturk, specifically, for conducting research relevant to substance use and misuse. Studies in psychological and other health science have supported the reliability and validity of data gathered using crowdsourced samples. Promising research relevant to addiction science has also been conducted, including studies using cross-sectional designs and those for measure development purposes.

Mounting evidence from preclinical and clinical studies suggests that lorcaserin might also be effective at reducing the abuse-related effects of drugs with different pharmacological mechanisms (e.G., cocaine, heroin, ethanol, and nicotine). Lorcaserin represents a promising and important first step towards the development a new class of pharmacotherapies that have the potential to dramatically improve the treatment of substance abuse. This article will review the behavioral pharmacology of 5-ht2c receptor-preferring agonists, with a focus on lorcaserin, and evaluate the preclinical evidence supporting the development of lorcaserin for treating substance abuse. Researchers at the university of maastricht are studying people’s motivations for taking psychedelic drugs.

At this writing, 13 states have regulated salvia in some way, and bills to regulate the drug are pending in several others, including texas. Best of all, the psychedelics sold in our portfolio have been carefully selected for their legality. This means you won’t have to worry about legal hassles getting your preferred psychedelic substance delivered to your doorstep.

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