4 Most Common Insulation Materials Used Worldwide


14 May 2021

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Thermal insulation is not a new thing for people staying in colder regions. It actually is a necessity in these areas and can be included in your list of building supplies while constructing the house itself. But before you get into specific insulation building materials, here are the top four common insulation materials that are used for controlling the temperature in the place.

• Fiberglass
This is the most common thermal insulation material used and available when you check the store of <A href='https://www.ctsbuildingsupplies.com/building-materials/insulation.html'>insulation contractors Toronto. Fiberglass is commonly used because of how it is made and the most effective material too. The only downside of using this insulation material is the danger of handling it.

• Mineral Wool
Mineral wool can further be divided into many categories like glass wool, rock wool, and slag wool depending on the material used to make it. The commonly used mineral wool among the three is slag wool. The downside of this material is that it isn’t fire-resistant.

• Cellulose
It is one of the most eco-friendly insulation solutions made from paper, recycled cardboard, and similar materials.This material is also preferred as does not catch fire and flair well in extreme heat conditions minimizing the damage. The downside of this thermal material is that people may be allergic to the insulation supplies.

• Polyurethane Foam
This material is not majorly used but is still a good option for insulation. These are low-density foams that are sprayed on areas where there is no insulation. You may not easily find it at insulation contractors Toronto shops, but you can get them online if required.

These are the four most common insulation materials used for thermal proofing your home. If you are getting your home renovated or in need of insulation materials, then visit our website and check the materials available with us.
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