Some Basic Facts on Window Shades


14 May 2021

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Window shades are not just for blocking the sun! There are several other types of window treatments that utilize various control systems to control the amount of light entering or leaving a room. These may be curtains, blinds, mini blinds, shutters, shades or shutters. The type of window treatment you select will depend on the rooms used and the type of window treatment material you have chosen. For example, if your window treatments are made from wood or heavy vinyl, you might need to get blackout type window shades.

Many modern window shades use a combination of fabric and plastic film to achieve their results, particularly in areas prone to high humidity. These window treatments, which are generally called insulated shades, can also help to insulate your home, which in turn can help lower your heating or cooling costs. Insulated window shades, nonetheless, do require a good bit of sunlight blocking and, hence, are not recommended for areas experiencing heavy sunshine.

Window shades that are placed right next to the windows can help reduce the glaring effects of direct sunlight on the walls and furniture inside. Window shades are available in several sizes and designs. There are window shades that fit well within every window, especially those that can be used as curtains. These window shades have a pull string so that the cords can be pulled open and closed whenever required. The great thing about window shades is that they do not only act as window decorations but also keep the inside of the house cool or warm by reflecting or blocking the sunlight.

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