12 Alternatives to Canva for Creating Attractive Designs


24 May 2021

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Previously, when a professional or entrepreneur wanted to convey an advertising message, they did so by resorting to the services of a graphic designer. Over time, this option is still on the table, but the repertoire of alternatives has expanded.

Canva was born out of the need to create, at low costs, easy designs that look professional. Therefore, we could say that this tool has become the favorite of many people who had creative abilities within themselves but had not risked trying.

Graphic design is an essential resource, it is the development of a branding strategy that is in line with the emotions and brand values ​​that you want to create.

Either for you or your clients and Canva adapts very well to these requirements.

What can you find in Canva?

Designs by category: Infographics, logos, posters, flyers, business cards, banners are some of the designs that you can find for free in Canva.
Adaptability to all social networks: Canva allows you to create designs that are following the rules of each social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others.
Unique Images: Although this category is paid, Canva's prices for personalized photos are low cost.
Although Canva offers a variety of features for users, other tools can complement your graphic ideas.

That is why we bring you a list of alternative tools to Canva that may be of use to you.
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