26th June 2021 - Facebook Posting Update 1

Author: 41f64514c3

26 June 2021

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We have created a temporary workaround for the Facebook sharing problem that some of our users are having by providing a new short URL that can be shared on Facebook.

Any Pastelink page can now be linked to by using pslk.net.

We have added a new button to all Pastes which lets you copy and paste this new link - if you are sharing your Paste on Facebook then please use this new feature.

You can also do it manually by editing your Paste's address, for example from:

Or use the converter tool: https://pslk.net/convert

Our first attempt at creating this solution did not work as Facebook started to cause trouble with the new URL too. This new version has a browser check delay, which allows it work.

We will continue to try to fix this issue properly, Facebook are being incredibly slow at getting this seen to. We know the cause of this problem - it was a mistaken misflag of Pastelink from a website checkup service that Facebook uses, which after 1 day removed their error. Facebook however are taking a long time to realise that Pastelink is a secure website.

As soon as we have more information we will update everyone with a new news post.

In better news, we have new features arriving next week, an expiry option for pastes and some visual improvements to the submit page, look out for our next news post.

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