Service distribution process in Netca

28 June 2021

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Keep a ask for assessment

Distribute your registration program to choose the appropriate service and get guidance from Netca.

Develop a software installation invoice web template

Businesses are starting to generate e-invoice notifications, choice files, and web templates for statements or e-signature providers.

Deploy and employ - get outcomes

Netca later on gotten a whole handling request. In some days and nights, firms can formally make use of the service.

Benefits of Netca e-invoice

Save your time

The most significant advantages of electrical invoicing is greater output.

You can find not quite as many processes for producing digital statements in Netca as conventional invoicing, enterprises can simply produce and use receipts in the supplier's program.

E-invoice at Netca is undoubtedly an e-invoice managing option for businesses. Helping enterprises save time by utilizing digital signatures rather than straight signatures on statements.

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Cost benefits

Electronic statements at Netca bring about saving money for companies, buyers ... replacing awkward and expensive paper invoices.

E-invoice at Netca is undoubtedly an e-invoice managing solution for businesses. Supporting organizations save time by utilizing electronic digital signatures as opposed to immediate signatures on receipts.

Netca's e-invoicing and electronic trademark solution may help organizations conserve hundreds of millions of VND per year by reduction of the expense of saving, stamping, transporting invoices, and more.

User safety

Many frequent problems such as: Loss of receipts throughout delivery service, lack of memory while in digesting or unauthorized entry will not be a difficulty to get a Netca program by using a data preservation time period of over several years.

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