It’s all about Decision making…

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29 June 2021

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We often hear that most leaders who are successful are so because they are at the right time and right place. But how do the leaders know it is where one should be. If we look closer, we realize that it is about being continuously alert and knowing where the opportunities are. They are just like the eagles who keeping looking and looking as they fly up in the sky and when the time comes, they take the plunge … and the target is theirs.
The second key success mantra of successful leaders is effective decision-making.
When one is dealing with multiple projects and there is a paucity of time, we have seen many leaders getting frustrated as they don’t have the right data and there is an urgency to take decisions. However, to take effective decisions, it is crucial that they have an accurate and crisp representation of data. But this is easier said than done.
We have seen many times that teams are sitting for days before reviews, just to prepare presentations. Most of the time the data is inaccurate or incomplete. Sometimes two data sources don't match, making it exceedingly difficult to take key decisions. Moreover, the team spends so much time, getting the data that there is hardly any time for analysis and building action plans.
CATALYST is a digital performance management tool, which apart from supporting in building the entire organisation KRA/KPI tree, it works on setting linkages between various MIS. It connects the MIS to each KPI, providing Managers real-time attractive data and analysis through dashboards. This improves the effectiveness of Decision making…
Ask for a free demo of CATALYST by visiting our website: or simply call 9923043450/ 9823260573/ 9833485365.

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