Trans woman at the club

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13 October 2021

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Derrick!," she shouted excited, "I found that using the Critela particles to accelerate the re-gen of the generators has seriously weakened the containment of the particles. Almost all of the particles being released are somewhat tainted and cause an adverse amount of strain on the trans-warp engines. It would be advisable to wait at least a day before I attempt to use my trans-warp again. This should allow sufficient time for the system to flush and replenish." 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - We broke our kiss and each took a cock in our mouth and began sucking. I was enjoying sucking a cock while she was riding on my cock. I would have cum immediately if I had not just cum a few hours earlier. After we sucked the guys for a few minutes, one of them said he wanted to fuck. The other guy said he did to. I said that she and I could handle that. She climbed off of me and leaned against the table. I moved over and leaned on the other side. One of the guys got behind her and slipped his hard cock in her ass. The other guy got behind me and began to work his cock in my ass. They both began fucking us while we were leaning over the table with our heads next to each other.

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