Koi fish make your living quarters much more stunning.

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08 July 2021

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Getting a wonderful koi pond within the blooming koi carp also brings prosperity and luck towards the proprietor is an ideal concept.

At the moment, koi carp has over 100 versions with 13 principal kinds with typical features like:

Koi carp have beautiful shapes of several measurements, vivid hues that deliver vision-capturing for your tank.

Koi fish is much like various other fish with all the whole body spindle method, the entire body is divided into about three pieces: , and tail.head and body

<img src="https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2ZtqgMg7weuSzN7wfh3mdmSrC8MrltGA_J65VMNjUU9ohDYof995MiAZtm9SPpBNYBx8&amp;usqp=CAU" />

According to the distinct kinds of koi fish, it will likely be easy to breed koi fish with distinctive attributes fit, color and size.

Thus, it might be seen that those who adore fish but have small space may still select this elegant activity with little koi fish.

The price varies, though currently, the price of mini koi fish depends on the size and genetics of the breed.

With newly developed koi will cost about 10 to 50k / 1 fish. For the type of koi carp about 15cm will drop close to 600k -700k/kg. For larger Koi by using a measurements of about 15 to 18cm, the purchase price will cover anything from 900k to 1k1/kg.

If their colors are special and beautiful, more unique, the price of mini koi may be slightly higher, especially note. So, you can refer to buying in bulk to get the most preferential price.

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