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09 July 2021

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The warehousing and distribution industry is extremely competitive and hence the tight competition often leads to mistakes. It therefore becomes imperative to formulate target for objectives which will propel the company forward. These objectives can comprise of; providing clients with excellent services in transportation and storage of their products in a cost-effective manner that improves the overall organization's capability to compete effectively. Below are a few common mistakes which are often committed by organizations when they are trying to improve their warehousing and distribution activities.

Though there are a number of companies that specialize in warehousing and distribution, but most of them offer both services as well as storage space. In order to maximize their clientele's profit margins, many companies do not bother to distinguish which is the best service to provide to their customers. Instead, they simply stick to offering the entire range of services irrespective of the type of goods handled. This results in the customers losing out on a lot of value through incorrect warehousing and distribution decisions.

Companies should ensure that they are properly complying with all legislation in their area. If the warehousing and distribution company fails to comply with the laws and regulations in their area of operation, they will be liable to heavy penalties. Hence, proper warehousing and distribution compliance program should be enforced. An effective way to achieve this is to integrate an effective Way of Manufacturing into their manufacturing process. An example of such a program could be incorporating the use of machines that make the product more efficient at a lower cost thereby allowing the company to reduce costs and boost profits.

There should also be an increase in the customer service provided to clients. Many companies who have a successful warehousing and distribution system tend to offer excellent customer service. They are able to handle every type of customer related queries and offer efficient after sales service. Warehousing and distribution warehouse can become ineffective if it does not keep good records. Such a warehouse often makes mistakes in the calculation of how much product to retain for sale and how much should be sent to warehouses for onward storage. Without an accurate warehousing and distribution database, a company cannot calculate these things and end up spending too much or too little product.

To prevent costly mistakes and errors in the calculation of inventory levels, a great warehouse needs easy access to data and communication. It also needs to allow communication between various departments of the supply chain. For example, the manufacturing department may need access to the inventory level of each and every warehouse across the distribution network. Similarly, the warehouse manager should be able to easily communicate with the sales and marketing department over the production, storage and distribution network.

One can also expect the supply chain to work efficiently when there are no disruptions in the communication lines. This is especially important in the case of companies that have many locations. In such cases, warehousing and distribution solutions such as order fulfillment are of great value.

There are different types of warehousing: primary storage, bridge warehousing, multiple storage, point-of-sale (POS) and fulfillment. In primary storage warehousing, goods are kept in trucks or storage containers and transported to the final destination. In this kind of warehousing, the goods are not fixed in one place and are moved around the facilities continuously. Warehouses in the manufacturing sector use primary storage to keep finished goods that are ready to be distributed. This helps speed up the whole distribution process.

Warehouses that use point-of-sale (POS) warehousing function to deliver goods to the final consumers. The POS warehousing is more flexible than the primary storage since it allows the consumer to choose the type of goods he wants. The advantage of using this warehousing is that the warehousing company makes sure that the goods are delivered at the right time and place and that they are unpacked at the right place as well. For companies that have warehouses across the country or regions, a logistical management system is of great help. This warehousing and distribution software facilitate coordination between various parts of the supply chain and minimizes errors and wastage of resources.

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