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10 July 2021

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Representing the homeowner - we put solar installers in competition with one another - to get our client the very best deal.

During an initial call, we get to know you and what you desire with solar. Yep, we start by asking questions, not with a sales pitch. Refreshing right?

We answer your top questions
Evaluate if your home is a good candidate for solar. A short consultation with us can save you weeks of research and sales pitches from vendors.

We have qualified over a dozen installers and finance companies to compete for your business.

$0 Down programs.
Installers have to meet our strict criteria for safety, quality, design, employee training, financial strength, warranties, and timely install schedules.
With so many businesses trying to win your business, you are guaranteed to get exactly the right system and an excellent price.

Quote Review Meeting
After summarizing and ranking the quotes to exceed your expectations

We bring you the best offers.
You get our experienced unbiased solar expert to discuss the strength and weaknesses of each offer and we help you make the best informed decision.
We've saved thousands of people more than 25% off their utility bill in the very first month. All at $0 Down.

Contract Review and Signing
Millions of people have gone solar and the contracts are pretty standard. However, just like a great real estate broker - We are with you the whole way

Reviewing and explaining all the contract, legal, and bank details.
Ensuring you don't have any surprises or last minute changes that could delay the project, increase costs, or disqualify you for tax credits.
Don't go it alone!

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