How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive with Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets


10 July 2021

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Did you know that you can alter the look of your kitchen and make it look expensive without spending so much money? Well, this is a reality that most homeowners don’t know yet it is an exciting idea. All you have to do is to play with the colors of the kitchen and alter a few things to make the kitchen look great.
What color choice is ideal for this idea?
You can try any bold color as they make the kitchen look expensive. For example, installing blue grey kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen appear very expensive. This color scheme gives the impression that the owner is not afraid of trying something new; a trait that is associated with the wealthy people in society.
However, just the color might not be enough to make the kitchen appear elegant and expensive, thus, you’ll need other simple ideas.
Top ideas to make your kitchen look expensive
Here are some ideas that can help you make the best out of your kitchen:

1. Update hardware
This is an inexpensive move yet one that can help to make your kitchen look very expensive. You don’t have to change your entire cabinetry; just replace the cabinet pulls with newer ones that will enhance the look of the cabinets.
2. Replace cabinet doors
Instead of buying a whole new set of cabinets, you can replace the doors. This simple move helps to create an illusion of new cabinetry in the kitchen, which works to make the kitchen look expensive. If you want a nice showoff, put glass doors in your cabinetry.
3. Add more lighting
Lighting is one of the secrets of enhancing beauty in the kitchen. The more lighting there is, the more beautiful the kitchen is likely to be. However, you have to be purposeful with the kind of lighting you are adding if you want your kitchen to look expensive. Adding a chandelier is one of the best ways of creating an expensive look in the kitchen. You can also add some LED lights to your blue grey kitchen cabinets.
4. Use artwork
Adding some bit of artwork can be a great decision to make your kitchen look expensive. For a long time, artwork has been associated with the rich. Therefore, using it will make the kitchen appear expensive.
Final say:
Making bold color decisions such as installing blue grey kitchen cabinets is the first of the many tips to make your kitchen look great and expensive,

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