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10 July 2021

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Cialis is the ED treatment manufactured and sold by Nippon Shinyaku Corp., Ltd. The effective ingredient is tadalafil. Three types of tadalafil are available, [5mg] [10mg] [20mg], depending in the content of tadalafil.

The dosage form has an oval shape as displayed in the photo, and it is usually a "dull orange film-coated tablet" with a white content. It is also called a "weekend pill" because when taken on Friday night, it will last for a very long time (up to 36 hours) until Sunday day.

Difference between Potenztabletten, Levitra and Cialis

In addition, as with Viagra Levitra, it really is classified as a new drug that features no drug price and is not really listed in typically the drug price regular, so no matter which clinical institution you check out, the insurance may not cover almost everything from the medical related examination fee towards the prescription fee, and will also be responsible for just about all treatment costs.

The biggest feature is definitely that unlike the conventional ED treatments Viagra and Levitra, it has been shown to be effective approximately 36 hours (20 mg) after administration, plus once absorbed in the body, it is usually not afflicted with foodstuff and is not necessarily impacted by food. The effect of meals is the very least. This feature features established itself as a new option regarding ED treatment without impatience or pressure for patients, and in August 2013, it had the largest share in the particular global market, and in our clinic, it has the biggest share since 2017. it had the particular been the number...

시알리스 구매 for Cialis provides expired, and 7 companies have obtained approval from the Ministry of Health, Work and Welfare to manufacture tadalafil pills as a generic version of Cialis, and are now upon sale.

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