Top Minecraft Bukkit plugins

10 July 2021

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You'll need to go to the Minecraft website to download the server Jar file. There are numerous Minecraft versions to choose from, including older versions. You must click on the server jar which will allow you to move to the next step. Always select the most recent version when you download the Minecraft server. The Minecraft server comes with plugins for Bukkit as well as a better gaming experience.

Once you've selected which version you'd like, you can begin downloading your Bukkit server. The next step is to create a brand new folder that you will host your server in. It is possible to use any name you like for this folder but make sure you don't forget the name of the folder. You will lose your entire server if you accidentally delete it. Once you've created the folder, simply drag and drop the CraftBukkit files which you downloaded to it. To make sure your Bukkit server is up and up and running, the third step is to create ran.bat. In order to do this, you'll have to create a new text document using the notepad. To receive added details please visit

Copy the code into the notepad document. In the new text document change '1.13" with your server's version. While saving the document, change the file type to 'All Files' instead of the default 'Text Documents.' Then, you must run your server and agree to the EULA. Double click on the ran.bat file you made. You will see some folders and text files appear in your Plugins for Bukkit folder.

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