Introducing Windows 11 That Can Soon Run Andoroid Apps!


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15 July 2021

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Only a few days have passed since it was officially announced that Windows 11 will soon be released and the platform can now totally support Android apps on Windows. You will find tons of new features and refreshing designs so you'll be able to enjoy your preferred apps that you can find in the Microsoft store and download them via the Amazon's Appstore. Windows 10 users would love the free upgrade that's actually intended for them as the new start menu and new widgets are introduced so you will be updated with the latest news that interest you.

However, Android apps users can now enjoy one of the biggest additions with OS and their wish came true given that these apps are already made available on their laptops or PC unlike before. The new Windows store is now included in the operating system and Android apps can “natively” run on it after downloading from the Amazon’s Appstore. As a software giant, it has made this move to bring Android app support to its new OS, is observed to give a difficult fight right after Apple released its macOS. It has also partnered with Amazon while stating that the new OS will also include Intel’s proprietary runtime compiler, which indicates that it will natively run Android apps on Windows PCs regardless of not being part of the Appstore.

It has long been the work of the tech company to attain the objective of bridging the gap between Android and Windows, which made the direct integration a significant shift to having the same mobile apps that can now directly run in Windows. Users are aware that not all mobile apps can perform well on Windows and this is good news for those who have their favorite apps and want to use them on larger screens. What used to be has turn out to be a reality for organizations that have been working together to be actually beneficial to many users.

So, what actually happens to the app that you wish to use in your Windows PC? youtube mobile app can verify if the app is definitely an Android app in the Microsoft store so you are able to install and launch it just like the regular apps that you already have on your desktop. Since these apps don’t depend on you Google Play Services, you cannot expect to use them in your Windows computer, which contain Chrome, Gmail, or Google Maps.

The partnership in between Microsoft and Amazon allows users to have the comfort that they often enjoy as well as the reassurance of not taking the risk simply to install an app from the web. mobile app development company is being introduced with the additional important features for more content and better user experience that are made simple and more responsive. You have in your hand the best apps and games in curated collections of content that you can easily install even from the web. Developers can easily access the more open Microsoft store to publish their apps without having so much hassle since more f these kinds are already supported with flexibility and freedom. Everything is made ready for everybody, regardless of whether they are already existing apps or the new ones that you must give a try.

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