Knowing The Gig Economy


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16 July 2021

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Hearing acounting caught my attention. Where did this phrase gig originate? Musicians refer to their compensated performances as gigs and really cool people refer to their temporary tasks as gigs. Put an other way, the term "gigging" means having paid work or being employed.

talking to may be a temporary task in terms of duration of employment. At check , we often refer to these duties as both temporary or contract as it is usually for a specified time period. Gigs may be full-time job hours and other times they are part-time hours.

Well, with all our robust economy sitting at 4.0% unemployment it appears that all is well when it comes to finding work? Many economists believe that these numbers to be misleading. The sensation of wealth isn't being felt by many and this contributes to the need to take on an excess job [or 2 ] by countless Americans just to make ends meet. We know by taking a look at the data which people have a tendency to change jobs several times throughout their working lives and the gig market can be see n as a development of the tendency.

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At the employment industry, we all know that 1 in five workers in the work force is contingent or flexible hourly labor. Many professionals are choosing contract employment due to the flexible work hours, work-life equilibrium or a means to stay engaged in the workforce whilst keeping their technical and people skills sharp. While employment amounts depend W-2 statements these workers could be functioning part-time or working this assignment until a better opportunity comes along. There are roughly 6 million people [4 percent of labour force] that make up the U.S. contingent workforce since these numbers have not been monitored in past decades.

Capturing the gig economy is important when working to understand the job numbers. Many companies are choosing a contingent workforce since they look for ways to remain competitive while controlling employment costs and expenses. When advertising or seasonal changes impact sales companies know that a contingent workforce lets them remain flexible and profitable.

Companies should be aware that the increase of the gig economy is a worldwide trend and this tendency does not show signs of decreasing. People are looking for ways to locate balance in their lives while providing for their own families. Sometimes that needs a second job. As we look at these gig employees companies should know that these numbers are anticipated to increase from 4 million to over 9 million in 2021.

Smart companies know that a flexible workforce makes go od business sense.

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