How To Install Android 8.1 on Samsung Galaxy S3


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16 July 2021

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Hello, everyone welcome to this week tutorial today, I'm going to show you how to install Android 8.1 on Samsung Galaxy s3. So if you're new to this channel subscribe hit the bell, so you get a notification when I upload a video. So there are few things that you must do. First before you install a custom room, first make sure your phone is charged up to 70 to 8 %. You don't want to phone to shut down in the middle of the installation. Second, install twr P. In order to install TW RP, you don't need to root your phone, so download the tab. You RP and install it on your phone download the custom room and copy it to your internal memory and download the G app and copy it to your internal memory as well. All the links for these files will be in the description section of this video. Now, let's go and install the custom ROM, once we've done with all of this power of your phone, now put it into the recovery mode by pressing volume up hum bottom and power button. At the same time, until you see the logo, the Samsung logo then release it. Here we are going to install the custom, rom and g apps. Unfortunately, I do not have downloaded the G apps, but the process is the same that we are going to use for the custom rom. First, click on wipe advance at wipe then select dalvik, cache system and data then swipe to wipe. By doing this, you will be wiping or deleting all your apps and settings from your system. You will not lose your data storage in the internal storage. Now we can install the custom room, go back by clicking here and then click on install I'm already in the folder. That has the custom own that we're going to install in your case might be different. So what you're gon na do is click on select storage, select, internal storage. This is where my custom ROM is in. My internal storage are going to click here, then click! Ok, so this custom rom, is on my internal storage. So what you're going to do here is going up to show you where it is located. So this is my internal storage. If this is your first time, you probably will come directly here. So what you're going to do here is find. Where is your custom? Rom mine is here in a folder called lineage 15.1. I'M going to click here to open em, I'm going to click on the file to select it. So this is the lineage 15.1, all Android Oreo 8.1. Now what we are going to do here is swipe to confirm flash. This process can take quite some time and you just have to relax [ Music ] swipe to unlock well, the installation has completed and it was successful now it's time to install the G apps. As I said before. Unfortunately, I don't. I do not have downloaded 2g apps, so if you have downloaded the G halves, follow the previous steps that we took. We install the custom ROM. Well, this time you don't need to wipe anything. What you're gon na do is click on it. hack kahoot in here click on install select where it is your G apps if it is on internal storage or micro, sd and then click on that, let's go. Let'S go and level up so locate here. You g apps, follow the same. Purchase procedures, select the app and install it once you have done with all of this go back to the main menu. Ok by clicking here. This is the main menu click on reboot and then click on system. This is the first boot and it can take some time: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. The final step is setting up your phone. The way you want [, Music ]. Well guys we have installed Android 8.1. This is based on lineage, 15.1 and so far I have not found many issues with the ROM and it has been working fine. I have not noticed any huge improvement in the battery, but it can last all day with me, so I'm pretty fine with it. Well guys, all the apps are working fine. You can go to the calls and see the new design from the Android audio as well a go to the messages. If you notice, you can see that icons of the application has changed, it's kind of cool and you can see as well that the multi-window is working very well you I will keep using this custom room for a week before I switch to Android nine, because I've Been using this custom room for a long time now and I'm enjoying, but I'd like to try the Android nine so I'll make a video when I'm switching to the Android nine, so you guys can see it so make sure that you stay tuned it for the Next, video, well guys, that's all for this video! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did subscribe to the channel hit Abele's, you get a notification every time. I upload a video and I'll see you in the next week, [ Music ], you

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