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16 July 2021

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Oh yeah rivers here from some cool tech and I hope, you're having an awesome day here at some cool tech. I review a lot of media players. In fact, most of the videos on my channel are about media players, so I know what's important, to look for when you're choosing a player Nvidia has just released a new Android gaming consult called the shield console this system. What has a specially designed high performance processor called the x1? The X ones got eight processing cores and 256 graphics cores it can output 4k graphics at 60 frames per second and render complex 3d games as well. There'S really nothing like it on the market now bottom line. Is , I'm going to show you all about the shield console and why it's so remarkable. The shield is the best Android gaming system that I've used so far, it's great as a media player as well. Now, let's take a look: let's start off with what you get when you buy the shield, you get the console itself, one controller, all the cabling. You need, and for a limited time you can get some free google play money to buy apps I'll link to that special in the video description. There'S also two versions of the console, one with 16 gigabytes of flash memory and the other one with 500 gigabytes. Using a hard drive for storage I'll have links to each of those down below as well. I also got a couple extra accessories with the shield, including an extra controller and the shield remote control both have their own voice, search and headphone jacks on them and are very useful in their own ways. I'Ll go into more details on both of these. In just a minute, the shield has some very advanced hardware inside too, sometimes even more advanced than the hardware inside the latest game consoles. Now, let's talk about the performance. It'S got Nvidia's latest x1 processor, which is actually called a system on a chip. It'S got an 8 core 64-bit arm a 57 based processor to handle the CPU jobs. Then it's also got a 256 cord GPU, which really gives this more graphics power than any other Android media player on the market. Right now also included are three gigabytes system memory. Gigabit Ethernet two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI 2.0, which can output 10 bit color at 4k, 802, 11, AC, dual band, Wi-Fi a micro, SD card slot for more storage and expandability and Android TV lollipop 5.1. So what does all this mean? Well, it means that navigation is going to be nice and fast. It can play more advanced 3d games which, in the past only dedicated game consoles, could play. It'S got the fastest networking options available and that it can utilize Ultra High Definition displays which have four times the resolution of your standard 1080p display. Now, let's take a look at some of the accessories you can get with the shield. I picked up an extra game controller and the remote control. The game controller runs on Wi-Fi, so it has less lag, but the remote control runs on Bluetooth and they both work great. So first up, let's look at the game. Controller feels nice and solid. It'S got two analog sticks and a digital pad up at the top. Then it's also got volume up volume down down at the bottom here and then your Android navigation, buttons, you've got back home and a Start button up there and up on the top that activates your voice, search on the back you've got your triggers. You'Ve got a built-in headphone port for listening to games or media and a microUSB port for charging the built-in battery next up is the remote. This remote is kind of expensive, but it's totally worth it. I highly recommend it if you're going to use it for any type of media playback. I think it's, the fact that one-handed operation is just so nice to have. You can tell right where everything is by feel. It'S also got a built-in headphone jack, so you could watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner. The remote is nice and simple. It'S got a multi-directional pad select back and home buttons, and it's also touch sensitive to let you control the volume. I really hope in the future they update this to allow the touch pad to have pinch-to-zoom. That would be totally awesome. Probably my favorite feature of the remote is the voice search though it gets the right search almost every time and I think the remote microphone has better range than the controller. It'S fast check this out some cool tech, Netflix, goat simulator, how to tie a tie? How to shop in Japan that whole segment was completely unedited, so you can see how fast back-to-back searches are. You can also voice search inside of apps if the app is supported. For example, I can go inside of Plex and search for movies or anything on my computer in the other room, Nvidia shield. This is really nice because I can also go inside of Google Play and search for apps by category racing games utilities. This only works on supported apps, but I think you're gon na see more and more apps supporting voice search on Android TV because it works really well now, let's take a look inside of the Google Play Store, because that is one of the strong points of the Ninh vidya shield console, as you can see, there are tons and tons of games. A lot of them are free or very inexpensive like a dollar or two. So I think that is exactly what the shield needs to succeed. On top of that, NVIDIA has a special section of high performance 3d games, so you've got games like half-life 2 portal and doom 3. All games you're not going to usually see on a media player but on a console or PC. Also, it has a little section for games that are coming soon and you can see pictures from the games, which i think is a really good idea. Ok, now, let's explore the Android TV UI and some of the apps on here so across the top. You'Ve got the shield hub and that's where your best performance games are, so you get your streaming games which are actually the most amazing-looking, because they're rendered on high performance computers and then just stream to your computer. If you have a good internet connection, they play really well and for me they worked awesome. Next, we have downloaded games which we just looked at, but it's the high performance games for NVIDIA devices and here where it says, GeForce PC games. This is where you can stream from your PC, using your high-performance GPU on your Nvidia card and get the games to play on the big-screen TV and next up we have 4k Netflix. This is the first version of Netflix on any device that I know of that has 4k. So if there's a file available 4k you can stream it to your 4k TV with the Nvidia shield. There'S not that many videos available right now, but more should be coming in the future now over here is where your games go and depending on the order of what you played, it will put them in that order, so I've got just played, got done playing half-life. We'Ve got names, so if you want to do some emulators upload some roms with TeamViewer, you can and then just in different games. I installed on here and they all look really awesome on here and play really well with the controllers too. Next we have Google Play, which I showed you earlier has tons of games available and apps, so it's a big plus for the shield, so I did manage to sideload and to to benchmark just so. He could see the benchmark score now when they're side-loaded they're not optimized, for the platform, but you can see here it still got the highest score that I've seen on antutu. I think if it would have been optimized for the shield, it probably could have scored even higher at the end of the video I'll show you how to sideload apps it's fairly easy, but it's kind of time-consuming too. Next, we have sideload launcher, and this is one of the apps you're gon na need to sideload other apps onto the shield. So what this does is it gives you a list of all the apps that are installed, not just the ones that they want to show. You on the dashboard there and over here is another app that I side-loaded called Linpack, and this just gives you a quick benchmark of the CPU performance and it's getting in the 800s, which is one of the better scores I've ever seen. So just a good idea, but of course it's optimized for different CPUs, so sometimes they'll score, really high and sometimes it'll score really low on a really fast device too. So, just to give you an idea, though there it is and over there you can see that I did sideload Kodi and it is working on here as well, and here's some just some different streaming TV, apps, Hulu, pluto's, really awesome. This 5by is really cool. It'S like YouTube, but it's curated, so you only get quality, videos and funny videos - and you know interesting videos so over here you have ES File Explorer and you're also going to need that to sideload apps and then you can see TeamViewer and here's another benchmark app To just give you some more system information that a ID a 64 now Plex is what I use to stream all my movies and videos from my PC, hard drive to my big-screen TV in the living room. So here let's look at some home video footage. I'Ve got some 4k footage sitting on Mike, see, see hard drive and I'm gon na stream. That Plex is going to down sample it to 1080p. So it still looks awesome, and here you can just see what it looks like. I also tested video playback on the shield using MX player and Kodi version 15. I connected a new 2 terabyte Western Digital USB hard drive and the shield recognized it without any problems. This is a USB 3.0 drive, so any bottlenecks should be in the software, not in the USB interface. I used a ES File Explorer to navigate the files on the hard drive and then I found some footage that I shot on my 1080p camcorder a few years ago. This footage used to slow down a lot of players and be choppy, but you can see here it runs nice and smooth an MX player. Now, let's try it out in Kodi. This footage played nice and smoothly and Cody as well, and I had no problem adding a link to the USB Drive, so I could quickly navigate there in the future. I could even play 4k footage in both apps with no problems either. The shield can also be used like a chromecast, to mirror your phone screen on your big-screen TV. I really like this feature because it's so easy to just show people things on maps where they can look on the big-screen TV or just show people pictures or videos from your phone here. I'M using Google Earth in their 3d buildings and it's much much easier to see on the big-screen TV than on my small phone screen. You can also use it like a chromecast to remote-control apps like YouTube Netflix Plex, where your videos are streaming to the device and you're controlling them with your phone. It works really. Well, thanks to the strong Wi-Fi signal on the shield, I really love all the little details that the shield offers. Here'S an example you can set in the HDMI settings so that when you turn on the shield, it turns on your TV also. This is great because now I barely need my TV remote. I just turn the shield on and I'm ready to go now you do need to have a compatible TV. This is a newer one, which is a 4k set, but if you're interested in doing this, you just need to see if it has the CEC setting go into HDMI settings and enable it another. Setting that shows attention to detail is that you can adjust the brightness of the LED on top of the box. This is great because, when you're watching a movie in a dark room, sometimes the light can be distracting. Personally, I like the green color of the light, and I leave it on brightest, but you could turn it from dim to all the way off. If you want to alright guys, I'm gon na take you out of here with some gameplay and a list of the pros and cons. First, the cons: it's not available worldwide, yet no optical, audio out port occasional, Wi-Fi controller disconnect no screen recording because it had it before with a previous firmware. But it's gone now. The remote is expensive, but it's worth it and the bass stand is too expensive and now the pros there are too many to list so I'll. Just put my favorites here and the rest in the comments down below this is the first player to support 4k Netflix. It takes SD cards up to 2 terabytes, not gigabytes, but terabytes. Sideloading apps is pretty easy. Super fast Wi-Fi, that's the fastest. I'Ve ever seen. Chromecast support works, well, low lag, controller, HDMI can turn the set off and on the dimmable Lite. Voice search is so good and fast and the streaming gaming works and looks great, alright, guys I'll have links to the 16 gigabyte version and the 500 gigabyte version in the video description down below, as well as everything else. You saw in the video be sure and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more media player reviews like this one and hit that little like button down there too. That will help me out a ton thanks again for watching and as always Aloha. Oh yeah and I didn't forget about side loading apps. Here'S how to do it.

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