Newest Android 10 Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 plus by BLISS OS - released 18/06- 2020


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16 July 2021

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Hello jedi's get me welcome to game channel for the eight obi do find this beautiful day when we eat the samsung galaxy s and the sp plus, and then can bring the love wine gallons of rooms that you can in style so which is devices we can Capable of the bliss bliss how joel quenching les and one is unofficial, any order is official, the s ii plus is official and the s eat is not official bad tanks entangled it. This image was created, axel de sources from strict it here is strict. It is in this in the deal and the developers, snow and forgot. Let me see what is take was like i ain't, even take it its for inside so voules back up. Teal said you really bro tattoo. The s eat so also a tour new tutorial tq. Permit in my inbox has started lips brush and copy the error through the internal of my phone, and it is point it was learning oh yeah. This was the deal text why this creates a special for this phone, so ledjes reboot in to recovery. You should fall on pixie power offers for to go off. Ok, the week too, your some pixy and build your china logo by sms who let go, what is 3 buttons and der yes, i was on the team recovery or was a recovery project. We can white the public, maybe and we can steel 3 each one bliss bliss os. It is for stijn the garden drawing succeed. It is a bizarre yes that i have a show. I was so afraid of your story and the support and both some devices that you might be interested button. Blankets, [, __, ], the belgium oneplus 3 dream to every me. It is the the s ii plus the time on he returns the s5. First. You see the roulette of devices and be supported and is, but there it is my mido. My waist ss support it. If so, who would rams again? If you can see you at all, just it's just of the rating on these two, it's the two is the reason my serves so so what angele us cry? The lessons from ok asset to day attendant lessons from oh, is for this. The boats reminded me so who does nada in style with not gon na do tour and that rico should be able to draw the real time anyways. There is a chance on the triceps it strictly for this for the school and the buddha dimensional. Oh, this is really beautiful. World team bliss started, begot started boom boom boom yeah man. What think this was fun? It was se4 rebooting teacher to make this so fresh. It was easy, the android fashion and while looking at me, though big up to you, blaze, pick-up tunnel tube, also the big up you. This looks really nice and i know what so risk at the skies anatolian port in the new devices and guess well, supporting, for instance, the guy who was so hot from the buddha when up can sumo too little bit with and put them stitches lure this room. It scar, loket settings with this looks very nose: permission manager who is using my phone muc music me vol context, messaging phone and settings. It kennedy sew it your site and know from that to the phone. Yes, icann kennedy to so here's icann icann die to editing this kind of like this kind of one, so they seem cleaner to us. It should be the way it should be reflected to stingers is b-stand linen scarf. Is that possibly batavia fell? It is costs strong in between than strictly it's in us wanted to do the peeps, hey youtube, editing, works, house man and, oh, that's it. Video testing one two tree for I actually have here. It is napoleon bottom with the childish things, but becomes an ice cream and my lovely a blaze, big up man, you him, I ran red on the one below ours. I talk to you make me proud moment will stern the cam when the core is boo. Boo boo, bliss bliss bliss boom boom boom, [ Music, ], ok, so to module esmee. What is the resolution of the camera? It urban that he emotion your settings, the I. [ Music ] video video quality. I also think to be you each day. Oh, yes, i have a lot. I us that, and your chin is, will use effect expression quota that odor succeed. German man, after is your knowledge, will film this effect. That is rhelico. That is rhelico all of that very much famous to date with my iphone. If so network jack moment, so luke lock that see what do you find my you seem. It is true that the auto-rotate it safe for the settings - yeah yo, guys ao yeah, that's kimmy googling from adoption caps again, hey gaps is on your guys in capture themselves and chilled bull caps, dot org this case. The rod for the gaps for the coasts of users, because the santing to do oh, yes, synod, must do this. So then a delicious then dive to a government for strong and then what it is. If you score and whether it is up to you, that's the keyboard is so good. This was still be done. Okay, that's the system still left to z on my keyboard, myself in pear and sandy out when it was in campina niels mateo dive. We have to so it's team and that's exactly how it is in the profile so that, in the implication garden next to the loco love, it looks good. Yes, nose feels very smooth, berry berry, yes, wedges wal cancer, it your lesions amezing, oh so sexy look. check here got here the early. If so, who has the boat you put out? Kenko zeta boot kept samsung s and china and fifty f and press and blister all that a blithe ak team blush? Is the team, or and busy enthusiastic and developers, working together to innovate and influence de en out and pc eco-system carried projects and community influence very nose? My frends big up to you xs all the way for the sc plus and yes, effect with music. He has certain things i to the sc plus the home. First, shoot yes, 3 suitcase et cetera, can do something about it to be able to sweetheart by setting every s13 member decision will probably season that could officially so blew test that download it as much as you can. Okay cross the more people that we use this room de de de verse. It will be officially ok and, of course, is check out the website, al deer and donate the skies. If you, if you something to spare so counter the widgetts, also ethical, you can see the free jos, so that is s well in this room. What is this weather and cronshaw? Ok, another update a7 settings, cost location, location and the amsterdam able to verify never mind and not be some kind. We note the a book or side hi peeps, so this is the ram. Yes, you never want it. The alcohol depth to get gaps cross you we kymco it a sweater. Slimmy slim runs perfect, yes, take off because to show the skies or tanks of blood. For some of you and so people a workflow that we don't once on pieces of ivory and and turns and caps, okay, the variant that cheap for is pike. Oh, this is the smallest about other. It is megabytes. Maybe you get the bit bigger the states, even if you're so learn the two. Your this. Will? U get. Okay, it's coming in habits. Logo will be. Your ability goal is just copy that fall out to the internal of your bliss installation. You firth can vouch for blaze, don't blaze in style the caps in a negative sense reboot for the system and then reboot back into recovery to then install okay m in the in style gaps. Mistake transfer through so your opening captions will come in way to slow, slow and will not be able to in. Is it yours, but you can go? Have it and shine effect off? He does because open cups, so in this installation chose him were able to test system which barely the apps to see how it works, and this app seconds puss in right now by mouth. The onions measure, especially for this phone, so must respect the fine animation. The fine mission will not be the hunt for sums in tunnel storage or chose when ok so effect on doing this is my this is my my my my package, my apps and package, the cartoon like this and this over from the boat animation. I see the looxs femme house stimulus, he has all apps in [ __ ]. She does has to go and download apps i have store, or as by alma apps marie-claire apps, including marie westland. I injured a single and kymco mss did in y, and that's it well want to go with such as cheeks. My dutch, your ipod started and it's lances effects is both must call trumpets that picture april boom. No, do you now again for iphone another bliss. Bliss is la fly and loafed my good work. The developers should think it continued to go ahead. Want download links in the discription have this just in steel, the sc plus with and want to kiss like sweet to mido and to boot the devices with support it and seasons, and the diamond xxx video bliss able to scoop at tablet. It is both in my position, if so so, it's for now, if you're back to this to you're still in it again, eyeshadow is an ice cream and he praised permission horse. The permission horse is beautiful. It locks in there, so we could put caps, johan caps, boys in couple themselves: sick, [, Music, ] or you can so well. You sun, on my max as the applications that a music publishes. She that's it and very happy this game words and that I work and does not work. Ok, it so bad. It had to be in my my racing game. He wants heft in steel edm and you will yes, it is both our little big. There. Disappointment, formica df the iphone do that in one real, posing in de game engines. Crèches whenever you want to, I said and push it into their contact us both developer and asking. If i can do to something about that and now staywell again, we have to afternoon and soon and that video and both ff saving video combino content developers mos is safe. My arms trade to buy youn now developer massive and both and users' room, both massive and the lady's machine, is alright and we've got it, which is not music. So in the nexe video we can sign counters comparison. It lies. It was big mistake within the move. The more of that in the neck's video until then thinking foresee [, Music, ]

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