Overview of What is Crocodile Skin? Characteristics, How to Tell Genuine Leather


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16 July 2021

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Distinguishing skin types requires a lot of experience. That's why we often get questions about our customers' skin types. They want to make sure their bags are made of crocodile leather, alligator or caiman leather.

Moreover, the embossing technique was born to make the fake leather look like genuine leather. If you just glimpse, especially without the keen eye, you will not be able to distinguish these two types of skin. Only the difference in price will cause you to have a closer look at your options. The price difference between reptile and embossed leather is quite large. Therefore, customers should be wary of distinguishing these two types of skin.

Sometimes this mistake can still occur, either because of a distraction or a lack of information or just because of wrong branding in the product to deceive inexperienced buyers - the real alligator skin can be replaced by crocodile or even caiman leather - inferior quality in reptiles, thus the cheapest skin type. It is unbelievable that sometimes artisans also encounter this error, they do not intend to deceive customers but they do not understand the importance of this.

For this reason, we will try to give you some knowledge about high-class crocodile skin to make you smarter when shopping.

However, the best solution is to buy premium products from a reliable address.

I. Crocodile Leather History


I. History of crocodile skin

II. Overview of crocodile

III. Characteristics of crocodile skin



IV. Crocodile skin classification

The price of crocodile skin

For farming crocodiles

For wild crocodiles

V. Crocodile skin and legality

BECAUSE. Distinguish real and fake crocodile skin

VII. Products from crocodile skin

DIFFERENT Crocodile leather watch strap

- Crocodile leather strap structure

- Color crocodile leather strap

- The smell of crocodile leather strap

- Elasticity of crocodile watch leather strap

- Water absorbency of crocodile watch straps

- Heat resistance of crocodile watch leather strap


+ Crocodile backbone wallet

+ Crocodile headhunted purse

+ Crocodile leather wallet belly, hip leather

+ Squeeze the whole crocodile skin

So crocodile leather wallet is the best part?

Check the skin softness

How to recognize a belt made from real crocodile skin.

VIII. Where to buy the best crocodile wallet?

Leather has played an important role in the development of civilization. From prehistoric times people used animal skin to satisfy their basic needs. People have used the skin to make clothes, shelters, rugs and even decorative outfits.

For Egyptian women, a piece of fur is prized as jewelry. From leather, people made shoes, belts, clothes, bags for liquids, boats and even armor.

Crocodile skin is a luxurious leather, known for its durability, softness and flexibility. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful skin types because of its unique fringe structure. Natural oils that appear in the skin help provide durability, prevent cracking, even in extreme temperatures and exposure to the sun.


Exists in most areas of the world, living in rivers and wetlands. They are strong predators, often eating other animals such as fish, mammals and other reptiles.

Crocodile is one of the oldest living species on earth, about more than 200 million years. Its strong tail helps to move quickly through water or attack prey. At other times they can be seen very slowly when moving on land. Crocodiles have very strong and sharp teeth to tear prey. A common alligator behavior is to "spin" or "roll" in water after clipping to tear prey.

Structure of the skin surface: The surface of crocodile skin is rough and rough, the skin is not homogeneous, mainly consists of the following 4 parts:

+ Dorsal skin: skin with thorns running along the crocodile, spines are composed mainly of horn so very hard and firm.

+ Tail skin: including wagging tail shaped along the crocodile tail, when tanning, the fins are pressed close to the skin surface to facilitate the processing of products. The caudal fin is composed of skin and flesh so soft and firm.

+ Belly skin: is the skin on the bottom of the crocodile belly, flat skin surface, the lines only make the skin pattern like square. The belly skin is very soft and durable

+ Leather: is the skin on the side of the crocodile, the skin surface is relatively flat. The highlight is that the skin pattern like a part of a marble appears, so people call it a cotton ball.

Sensory: crocodile skin is soft, skin texture is not homogeneous, very good elasticity. If the leather is with high technology, the surface of the skin is glossy, the skin surface is very smooth and beautiful.

III. FEATURES OF Crocodile Skin

It is considered one of the most valuable leather materials and is found in the fashion lines of most leading brand products such as Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Burberry, ...


is said to be the "diamond" in leather types. Crocodile skin is considered to be thin, highly breathable, non-static, well insulated with a firm crust but very tough and not easily affected by the environment, so that its durability very long. Moreover, crocodile skin has flexibility, good elasticity, high elasticity, the skin surface does not crack, when bent, folded so crocodile skin products have superior durability than those of other common skin types.

Crocodile skin is appreciated in part not only for its quality, but also for its expensive vein pattern. Each crocodile has its own characteristics that make the lines different, prominent and sharp. Workers almost do not leave any part on the crocodile skin, all are used to make fashion products with the wild beauty of this rare animal. Crocodile humpback, back, abdomen, or legs all bring a different aesthetic value to each product manufactured to the market.


Crocodile skin is quite expensive. And up to the present time, crocodile leather products have been faked and traded chaos in the market. Consumers in leather products need to be alert when buying and equip leather knowledge to distinguish genuine goods.


Crocodile skin classification by skin cut: back surgery, abdominal surgery.

Each surgery has a unique texture: the crocodile back - very rough, thick skin and a rough texture. The back skin is ideal for emphasizing surfaces with a wild, highly textured appearance or when very durable is needed - a crocodile skin is very durable and will last for years.

Crocodile belly - has a relatively thin skin structure, smooth surface, flat scales so it feels better to touch. This is usually the leather of choice for personal accessories such as handbags, wallets, and boots of famous fashion brands such as hermes, gucci, etc.However, for Asians, products from crocodile leather with rough, scaly lines are preferred.

Crocodile skin is largely classified based on the location and size of defects on the skin. For example, in the belly skin, with type 1 skin, there are virtually no defects on this piece of skin and the preferred male position is the white skin; In the back skin, skin type 1 in the dorsal spine extends from the hump to the tail, scales are uniform, not scarred.

PRICE OF Crocodile Skin

The price of a piece of crocodile skin or products from crocodile skin depends on factors: the size of the skin, the aesthetics of the skin surface or the origin of the crocodile

The price of crocodile skin increases exponentially with the size of a piece of instant leather: A design for a 16 cm handbag will require a 40-44cm crocodile piece. A skin of this size must come from a crocodile at least 3 years old. Or a men's leather wallet, if made from a piece of crocodile skin, the inside of the wallet is made of one piece of leather will have a higher price than the wallets made from small pieces of leather.

** How to measure the size of a piece of leather: The size of a piece of skin is calculated according to the length and width of the crocodile after surgery

Crocodile skin is obtained from farmed or naturally caught crocodiles: both methods have factors that affect their value:

FOR Crocodile Crocodile

They grow up with increased food and care time. When alligators mature, they often consume more than two to three times the amount of food. Crocodiles are predators so they also become more aggressive as they grow up. Normally, large crocodiles must be placed in a separate room, so alligator skin has less scar. Crocodile farmed in Vietnam has thin skin with little bone, soft, small scales of high value on the world market (40-50 USD / 10cm of belly width).

FOR WILDER Crocodile

Although they do not require feeding and care, they are at higher risk of physical injury in the natural environment. A crocodile 3 years or more without the scar on their forehead is a rarity. However, to get https://thuybich.com/da-ca-sau-la-gi/ from a wild alligator is very rare and expensive. Today, almost every corner of the world has laws that prohibit the hunt and trade of wildlife.

V. Crocodile Leather and Legality

Crocodile leather import and export laws vary around the world. In the United States, crocodile skin can be legally imported and exported as long as it complies with CITES regulations. However, there are still some trade restrictions. For example, Siamese freshwater crocodiles from Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia are strictly prohibited from importing, storing and selling in the United States regardless of proper CITES submission.

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora: a legal corridor, a procedural mechanism being applied in 147 member countries (Vietnam joined in April 4-April 1994

In exchange for crocodile skin, it is strictly prohibited in the wild to hunt and trade wild alligators. Nowadays, many crocodile farms with the purpose of trading meat and skin are popular in all provinces. These facilities need to comply with the provisions of the law for raising and consuming crocodiles and each year need to release 10% of all farming crocodiles to ensure compliance with the law on breeding crocodile business .

BECAUSE. DIFFERENTIAL Crocodile Leather and imitation

Ways to identify such as: smell the skin, check the thickness of the skin, identify by color or price are now useless when choosing genuine leather.

Because the technology of producing fake leather products is becoming more and more sophisticated, the distinction becomes more difficult than ever. Below, we will provide the most memorable and accurate ways to distinguish.

How to distinguish genuine leather and embossed leather?

The first important step is to see if what we are holding in our hands is really a genuine leather product. Concerning this question, there are many articles that we recommend reading, to determine whether they use genuine or embossed leather.

In terms of price, although embossed leather can also be of high quality and looks very much like genuine crocodile skin, it is never the same price, so it is sold at a much cheaper price.

Crocodile, Alligator or Caiman skin?

Once you are sure you are viewing a leather product, we can consider the difference between crocodile (or alligator) and caiman.

Although caiman leather has become increasingly popular over the past few years, gaining a foothold in the market, a fake label that is mislabeled or intentionally inside a product is likely to mislead buyers need to always know.

Looking at the main differences between alligator skin, crocodile skin and caiman leather, we can confirm that alligator and crocodile skin are more expensive and higher quality than caiman leather. Their skin is softer and more flexible than caiman's. If you fold them, you will notice that many light cracks will immediately appear on the skin. When touching these skin types is also different, if your bag is too hard and rough, it means your bag is not made of alligator or crocodile, but caiman.

Generally, alligator and crocodile crocodile skin is used (especially in Italy, considering the average standard for the products of our skilled artisans) for making bags, because the leather is supple and has Better elasticity, while caiman is commonly used for accessories and shoes.

Crocodile belly skin and alligator crocodile skin are both softer and more flexible than caiman leather. This makes the dyeing process evenly colored. On the other hand, dyes on caiman's skin show the natural wrinkles that characterize this skin and the color appears to be pigmented and irregular.

Then, we should also consider another basic factor that distinguishes these three types of skin: the scaly shape. The crocodile and alligator crocodile scales are irregular or round in shape, having a more delicate aspect, while the scales that are characteristic for caiman skin are square but stiffer than crocodiles, and each scale is wrinkled with the so-called skeletal pattern.

Caiman crocodile print

Crocodile bags are often used in the abdomen because this is the best software, ensuring the production of a delicate and quality product. However, if we use the back of the crocodile skin, we can know which one is through the horn scales and especially according to the number of horn scales: alligator crocodile with horn scales are arranged in the following model: 2-2-2; Caiman follows the natural design scheme while crocodile horns are arranged in the following pattern: 4-2.

Alligator or Crocodile?

It is difficult to find out if a complete product is made from crocodile or alligator crocodile because it is similar in appearance and softness and flexibility of these two types of skin. In terms of price, we can say that alligator alligator is a bit more expensive than crocodile. We use alligator crocodile to make bags, because alligator crocodile has a longer body and this allows us to have the leather part that best suits the bag production.

Although it is difficult to distinguish the skin from finished products, (sometimes it is not possible even for professionals who can only rely on skin documents to confirm its origin, scientific name and quality,) it is quite easy to identify the specific features specific to each species when we have the opportunity to directly compare the entire skin.

These differences lie in both the shape (the crocodile body is square, so the center is shorter than the alligator) and the shape of the scales. In fact, alligator crocodiles, which show the scales to be less homogeneous than crocodile crocodiles, with a few abnormalities in the scales. However, this is almost indistinguishable on a finished product.

Regarding the distribution of scales: on the whole alligator skin, the transition from the wide and square scales of the abdomen to the smaller circles of the sides is quite sudden; With crocodile skin, the scales change slowly, with a series of medium-sized scales gradually becoming smaller and more rounded.

Alligator skin can also be identified by an umbilical scar (an elongated star shape between the scales of the belly), because alligator crocodile is the only animal with it. If a bag is made of type

In this renowned skin, this umbilical scar will usually be prominently displayed on the front of the bag, only to attest to the authenticity of the skin.

Finally, all crocodile scales show a peculiar pore as opposed to the alligator: the presence of this pore is due to the fact that the animal uses its body hair to feel its lips when alive. school surrounding. In the tanning process these hairs are removed, leaving space for visible pores.

VII. PRODUCTS FROM Crocodile Leather

Used in many applications including handbags, belts, wallets, apparel, car covers and furniture to create luxurious designs with feng shui strength and durability. Crocodile skin can be attached to many different colors. Each design for each product model has its own characteristics, crocodile skin helps the product become more classy and luxurious than other leather models.

DIFFERENT Crocodile leather watch strap

As mentioned above, crocodile skin in general and crocodile watch straps in particular is a material not cheap, so choosing and buying a watch with crocodile leather strap is a real thing. very important. However, in the current market, the technology of producing fake leather products is becoming more and more sophisticated making the distinction really difficult. Understanding this problem, Watch Hospital will help you somewhat distinguish the genuine crocodile watch leather strap - fake in the ways below.

- Crocodile leather strap structure

Overall with the naked eye, real crocodile leather straps will have a leather structure of soft seams, hard scales, natural luster when under light, different from the gloss of a paint coating like faux leather.

The lines of real crocodile watch leather bands will be uneven and overlapping, if you look closely, you can see the small and rough pores of their toenails stamped on each other while alive. And the fake leather, on the other hand, has a smooth and polished finish.

- Color crocodile leather strap

Genuine crocodile watch straps will usually have the main colors such as brown cockroach wings, bright yellow, black, earth brown, red brown, however, most will not be the same color. For products containing large areas of crocodile leather straps such as handbags, wallets, ... the customer can easily observe, but with crocodile leather straps, the reliance on color to distinguish yes probably won't be easy for first-time buyers.

- The smell of crocodile leather strap

This is also a useful feature for you to distinguish fake crocodile watch leather straps. When purchased, real crocodile leather straps will often have a characteristic fishy or salty smell, while fake leather belts will have the smell of plastic or paint, however, the technology of making imitation leather is extremely sophisticated now. This is for reference only to the customer.

- Elasticity of crocodile watch leather strap

To test the elasticity of real crocodile watch leather straps, you can press your hand against the leather surface with your hand, if it is a real crocodile watch leather strap, which will leave a dent in the spot that is pressed, and gradually gradually regained. In contrast, imitation crocodile watch leather bands will take a long time to recover, because imitation leather usually does not have good elasticity.

- Water absorbency of crocodile watch straps

This is a way to identify fake crocodile leather straps that not everyone knows. It is a way to put a drop of water on the surface of a crocodile watch leather strap and wait for a few minutes, if the water drops slick into the skin, it may be a real crocodile watch strap, and vice versa, if the water drops not absorbed into the skin surface but rolled away, it was a fake crocodile watch leather strap.

- Heat resistance of crocodile watch leather strap

The last way to check genuine fake crocodile watch straps is the heat resistance test. When you burn a fake crocodile watch leather strap with a regular lighter, it will cause burning, black, otherwise the genuine crocodile watch leather strap will have a degree of heat resistance in temperature conditions. higher. However, when using this method, you should consider carefully, to avoid certain damages that may occur.


+ Crocodile backbone wallet

This can be said to be the thickest skin of crocodile because in addition to the normal skin, at this location, the crocodile also has many back spines, making the skin here thick and embossed. The main feature of this product is that the high-end leather wallet will not have to be flat, but will have a embossed pattern typical of the crocodile skin. This is also a product that just looks at all of us will quickly identify it as a high-class crocodile wallet, so if you want to attract people around, crocodile leather wallet is somewhat Best back spines will be a good choice for you.

+ Crocodile headhunted purse

What is a very special and extremely special model made from crocodile skin, the product is processed, produced with mainly the scalp of the big crocodile. And what is the characteristic of this scalp you know? It is not a pattern like other wallet models, but the most special feature of this product is that the surface of the wallet will appear on the crocodile's head. Obviously not usually a high-end leather wallet model, this product line is really special, completely different from other products, so if you are interested in this model, you can contact Contact us now to find out and order.

+ Crocodile leather wallet belly, hip leather

Or collectively known as crocodile leather wallet. The product is manufactured with crocodile skin, hip leather, crocodile skin in these locations is quite smooth and also thinner than other locations. Therefore, the products that are processed and manufactured from this skin also have a fairly simple design but no less subtle. And if you love the simplicity, not too fussy, the question of the best crocodile leather wallet will have the most appropriate answer which is the crocodile leather wallet.

+ Squeeze the whole crocodile skin

This is a product made from the skin of a baby crocodile. The biggest feature of this model is that it possesses a full pattern in all positions on crocodile skin, in addition, the crocodile skin is also relatively soft, natural, leather wallet after being finished. It also has the most attractive and sophisticated beauty. If compared to other models, the price of this leather wallet model will be slightly higher, but everything has its price, in exchange for you will be the best, the best of the wallet samples. from today's crocodile skin.

So crocodile leather wallet is the best part?

To be honest, all crocodile leather products are high-end fashion items, the quality of the product is undisputed, and all products have the same warranty policy. , that's why in terms of product quality to assess what is the best crocodile leather wallet.

We should not discuss it. In terms of the beauty and uniqueness of each product model, for each person, each different hobby we will make many assessments, and of course then the assessments will not have the radical similarity. to 100%.

For example, if you are a person who likes simplicity, a plain leather wallet, simple design will be in the best rating, and if you are a person who likes the unique and strange, then products like purses Head, caudal fin or whole body would be a great choice.

Check the skin softness

If the bag is imported from overseas, we recommend checking the invoice and especially making sure that what is shown on the invoice is the same as what is on the shipping document. On it will indicate the type of leather used on your bag.

On the other hand, if the bag is purchased domestically, we recommend contacting the seller directly and if the seller seems too vague in his answer, say that you have to send this bag out. foreign countries and that you need the necessary documents. If he is unwilling or unable to provide you, that means your bag can be made of imitation leather or your bag can actually be made of genuine leather like crocodile or crocodile crocodile or caiman. But this skin has been obtained through illegal means. Therefore, it is not issued with the documents.

We also recommend that you never buy bags at places like the beach, the market, or any unauthorized center, but only from reputable leather retailers that sell these items. for many years fully respecting the regulations of Cites regarding the protection of endangered species.

In short, we just want to remind you of one important thing: you buy your bag because you like it! Now, as long as you still like it, don't waste too much time researching and analyzing the properties of crocodile bags. Go out and enjoy wearing your beloved bag without any extra hassle!

On the other hand, for those who are thinking of buying a luxury crocodile leather bag, we recommend contacting the seller, they will be able to help you, respond to all your questions and requirements.

HOW TO RECOGNIZE THREAD Crocodile Made from Crocodile Leather.

+ Method 1: For crocodile leather belts, the simplest way to distinguish it is: real crocodile leather belts are usually made of 2-3 layers of leather, while crocodile leather belts are only made from one single layer.

+ Method 2: For crocodile leather belts made from hemp leather: Barbed dorsal, caudal fin or whole belt on back. You just need to use your fingertips to lightly press on the hunchback that finds it hard, the stronger the pain, the more crocodile it will be. If you find that the tail fin is shaped like a sad wing, then you should try to grab the crocodile skin with hot hands

For crocodile leather belts or crocodile skin, you should distinguish it like a crocodile skin wallet.

VIII. Where to buy crocodile skin best?

When you have searched for yourself the correct answer to the best crocodile leather wallet question, you can find out more information about the best crocodile leather wallet business to get more. The choice and decision making for the leather wallet that I like best. And before going to the information about this store, you can find out about some positive criteria to evaluate the most reputable and quality wallet and crocodile skin store.

- Diverse business stores of models and designs: At that time, you will really have for yourself many choices, the best choices, not just binding yourself within a number of models. certain wallets.

- Products with sleek, sophisticated design: This is important because then you feel that the money you spend is absolutely worth buying the products.

- Ensuring product quality: When you come to really reputable and quality shops, you can be completely assured in terms of product quality and that makes you more comfortable and natural. more with your buying decisions.

- There is a clear warranty policy: All high-end crocodile leather wallet products need to have a clear warranty policy, at least 1 year and moreover the prestigious stores will also have support policies. Repairing and cleaning products completely free of charge.

- Delivery policy: This is the necessary criteria to evaluate if you buy online, order online.

- Customer care policy: Taking good care of customers will bring satisfaction and it is important for your purchase decisions to be made more easily.

How to determine the type of leather on your pocket?

Contact the retailer you have purchased, ask for more details. If the bag is not imported from abroad, the seller may not have a Cites export certificate or certificate, but he can give you all the details about the skin animals used to bag production, its origin and authenticity of leather.

Or look closely at your new handbag. As we said above, if the prices are suspicious, your bag is not made of genuine exotic leather.

Look at the design and model of the horn scales, keeping in mind the suggestions we gave you above.

Here's my website: https://thuybich.com/da-ca-sau-la-gi/

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