What if you could learn how traders made 3-10% profit on their investment PER DA


19 July 2021

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The stock market has always held an appeal as a way to make a lot of money very quickly.

The sad truth is that 80% of day traders lose money over the course of a year with an average loss of 36%.

We were in that group too. But with the 20-Minute Trader system we have been making 3-10% most days within minutes and we want to help traders like you learn how we did this.

We prepared a 27-lesson, easy-to-understand, thorough, master video course for you. We really hope you enjoy it.

The Best Tutorial on Call Options
$99 Included
Options are abstract financial instruments that often scare away the novice trader with their complexity. The best entrance point into this fascinating field is learning the simplest form and becoming an expert on that first, Call Options. These are the least difficult and most common form of Options trading, and this course covers the matter in detail, provides examples, live demonstrations of how trading them is done and breaks down the component parts carefully in non-technical terms to make them understandable.

Graph Analysis for Pattern Spotters
$69 Included
It’s easy enough to tell someone that a pattern exists and can be played. It’s a lot harder to go through the motions of choosing the graphing platform, learning how to use it, understanding the array of symbols, chart types and indexes. This course explains, shows and walks you through this process in simple language.

Pro Tip Guide to Setting Up Your Account
$19 Included
How to set up your account for successful trading.

Special - How I Never Lose Money, Ever Addendum Course
$39 Included
Find out how 20-Minute Traders™ have dealt with the inevitable matter of getting stuck in the market with lowered values on their securities, and used scientific and mathematically exact formulas to prevent the loss of funds. Not normally part of the Master Class offer, this addendum course is being included in the 80% off discount rate!

Satisfaction Guarantee
60-Day Money back
If you don't love our Master Class course then simply ask for your money back in the first 60 days!
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This course is for you if...

You want to learn more about trading and where to start.

You have traded in the past but were not successful.

You are a pro trader interested in learning our strategy.

"This is the best, most affordable, and sane trading video I have ever watched!

This will allow even a child to understand what selling options is and gain confidence that it is possible and learn how!

I am very glad I learned this and can apply it"

(Real Student)
This course will bring anyone from getting started as a completely new trader all the way through our successful strategy. And best of all, this course does not exclude professional day traders or high-powered investors. Several have studied these successful methods and created additional strategies they added to their toolboxes to increase profits!

You will learn:

The stock market, important definitions and how it works

Call options trading explained in simple language

How to set up a brokerage account and the best graphing tools

Vital rules to keep ourselves from losing money

The full strategy we used to find and use patterns to make regular profits

Exact lessons (several hours) on how our system worked

And on top of that we threw in a collection of our own principles that successful traders use.
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