The Benefits of Using Multi Channel Fulfillment for Small to Mid-Sized Businesse


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19 July 2021

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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, also known as AMF, is a multi-channel fulfillment service which uses Amazon's or warehouses to stock products and have purchases fulfilled for either an individual brand s store and for Amazon itself. The Multi Channel Fulfillment plan is part of the Fulfillment by Amazon program. With this service you are able to purchase items from an warehouse, have them picked and packaged and then have them shipped directly to the customer.

This is ideal for ecommerce businesses because it allows sellers to offer more items in various locations and at different prices. These can be purchased on websites or from a brick and mortar store. It is important that the seller has the ability to change prices and address needs. This is easily achieved with multi-channel fulfillment.

AMF offers many perks. They have no minimum order size, so no wonder it is so popular. There is no inventory turnover, so the sellers are not stuck with lots of inventory. They do not pay for return shipping, so customer service is not an issue either. In fact, most sellers take advantage of using multi-channel fulfillment. They can increase sales without spending more money on purchasing more products to ship.

When using this type of multi-channel fulfillment services, the seller will have the ability to handle all types of shipments. Because they are fulfilled by Amazon, they can offer overnight shipping, next day shipping and same day shipping. This allows for quick delivery to the customer.

One of the best parts of using an AMF multi-channel fulfillment center is that the sellers can handle returns. Returns mean that sellers do not have to invest extra money on product inventory or more labor on product returns. They also do not have to hire extra staff to handle returns, which will cut back on other expenses that the company can pass along to you.

The cost benefit of using an AMF multi-channel fulfillment service is the biggest reason to use them. Using this kind of service allows sellers to price their products lower, since they do not have to pay to have items shipped. Instead, all they need to do is list the item on the AMF site and they will be provided with a virtual cart to fill out and ship the item to the customer. They will not have to handle returns, because they will not have to pay for it. Many sellers also find that using this form of fulfillment will save them money.

The process of using this multi-channel fulfillment can seem daunting to some sellers. Especially, if they are just getting started in ecommerce and do not know any better. However, by using an AMF service, sellers can lower their overhead costs, make sales faster and eliminate excess costs to increase revenues. Since AMF services allow for quick shipping, they allow sellers to offer better prices than brick and mortar stores can. The return of this form of fulfillment to commerce has made it possible for many smaller businesses to compete with the larger national brands.

When searching for a multi-channel fulfillment broker, look for one that offers expedited 2-day shipping and affordable pricing. Offer your sellers access to heavy-duty mobile and fulfillment trucks so that they can quickly deliver your merchandise to your customers. Maintain excellent customer service so that your clients remain satisfied. Your business can thrive and prosper using this type of fulfillment.

Since mobile and multi-channel fulfillment services can help you meet all of your order requirements, it is important that your online store have accurate inventory levels. A good AMF service should be able to easily supply your inventory levels on the fly. Maintain accurate inventory levels will allow you to meet your product cycle times and allow your customers to receive their products on time. This is imperative to your business being profitable. If you fall far behind in your inventory deliveries, then you risk losing money as your competitors move ahead of you in price and product availability.

Many entrepreneurs start an online store using their favorite third-party fulfillment company. However, for small to mid-size businesses, using multi-channel fulfillment can cut your costs almost in half, while giving you more flexibility and a faster delivery time. Instead of paying a brick and mortar retailer such as Amazon or Overstock, for every order that comes through your fulfillment center, you can simply use AMF to fulfill orders. By using multi-channel fulfillment services, you can give your customers options and have more control over the products that they purchase.

When you partner with a multi-channel shipping company, you gain access to an extensive network of specialized stockists who will keep your inventories in stock and ready for whenever an order arrives. AMF fulfillment centers can even provide on-time delivery on a monthly basis to ensure that your customers receive their merchandise on time. By having access to this inventory resource, you can have an easier time tracking your shipments and avoiding costly mistakes that could delay or even cancel an order. In addition, AMF providers will assist you with making sure that your inventories are always kept at a balanced level so that you never run out of anything or run low on anything. Your customers can expect to receive their merchandise when you ship it to them, allowing you to focus on providing excellent customer service and building your brand by providing your customers with excellent merchandise.


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