Keyword Level Phone Tracking Can Boost Your Advertising


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20 July 2021

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Conventionally, website call tracking isn't easy to assess the effectiveness of promotion and advertising campaigns - it is likely to assess the volume of calls received after a campaign but you still cannot make sure of the potency of a person campaign in prompting those forecasts. Using call tracking technology allows you to see the way the person finds your organization's telephone number. Hence, it's possible to easily and accurately compare the efficacy of your marketing efforts by the variety of calls which they generate. If your company is based on advertising to create calls, subsequently telephone tracking technology may really enhance your business's development.

Call tracking technology may work in a number of means. One effective way of using this technology on the internet is a system which generates a special telephone number for every exceptional trip of your website. The customer sees that this number and therefore is differentiated from the additional calls, and also their personal online actions can be monitored. The machine we use, for example, lets us trace the way that clients hear ushow they arrive at our site and also what keywords they use!

This keyword level telephone tracking can be linked in to Google ad words and Analytics accounts to create detailed reports that will help you base marketing strategies around what really works. Any internet business can use such a call tracking technology to create informedand effective decisions about how to allocate their advertising budget.

Various technologies offer different levels of reporting and analysis. For example of what you could expect from the Great system, our call monitoring technology which we use provides the following advantages:

• Quick and painless to set up - set up requires around 15 minutes to begin monitoring clients' phone enquiries

• Comprehensive visitor tracking - you can view that pages your customers see before, during and once they phone you so you know exactly that webpages are effectively creating telephone enquiries

• Key term tracking - use telephone tracking technology to see the key words Clients who telephone You're using to find your website

• Thorough reporting - data regarding telephone enquiries, client location, enquiry volume and length and is incorporated into Google Analytics and Ad-words

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• Email alerts to get missed calls - Telephone ring whilst you're outside? No fear, you receive an email with all the telephone number of the missed enquiry so you can phone them straight back

Telephone Tracking technology can be a fantastic tool for streamlining and increasing the success of your advertising campaigns.

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