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20 July 2021

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Olamide Ojo

(Shape-Shifting) Morphvolution: Shape-Shifting Wargames (Free books)

Chapter 1: The Idealist Government Category: Shape-shifting; For every effect, there is always an aftereffect. This is a realistic, scientific concept. They call it the Idealist Government; a singular republic form of government that now governs the new human world; the citizens through voting appoint seven presidents with eleven advisors each. The appointed candidates for presidency and ambassadorship become leaders of the world for seven years only. free books may be in government for no more than fifteen years. That is, they can run for any position as long as it is within the fifteen-year bracket. The presidents all work together from the capital city of the world, Molion city. Molion is known for its modern defensive features and high-class soldiers protecting it. Regarded by many as the most secured place in the world, Molion has commonly been referred to as the heart of the new world. A new dawn has brought about fresh challenges for humankind. Over time, we have found a way to make our bodies evolve to be self-reliant and self-teaching. This is a time where food and water for survival sounds just as primitive as dinosaurs. An age where the phrase, “anything is possible” is quite

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