🇵🇭Piso Wifi -Free Connect -Sa walang VOUCHER lang po ito✌️

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22 July 2021

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Nasa pinakababa po ang link ng 
Telegram channel ko

Ito ay para lang po sa piso wifi na walang voucher.

Feedback po kung working ba or hindi

Validity:  1 day lng po muna

mamayang gabi po ay magupdate ako

❗Read the following to avoid errors❗
Follow the instruction below on how to download config file.
Follow the instruction below on how to use HA TUNNEL after you downloaded the config file.

🔰HA TUNNEL Configuration

-palit palit lng po ng server
-port: 443 or 8080
📥Download config account here
-pili nlng po sa dalawa

🔥Steps how to download config🔥
Click that link
Wait nyo po na matapos ang 15 seconds countdown,pag natapos na scroll down kunti may word po kayong makita na 
getting link magloading po yan minsan,pero pag ok na may word na 
Get Link 
Click  Get Link at 
Click Download sa dropmb

🔥Steps how to use HA TUNNEL PLUS🔥
After nyo po madownload ang config file at nainstall nyo narin po ang HA TUNNEL PLUS,sundin lng po ito👇
Click 3 dots(tatlong tuldok) at the upper right side
Click import/export select
import config
locate to download folder,hanapin nyo po ang name ng config file na nadownload nyo po.
Click the config file to auto import in ha tunnel.
Connect first to piso wifi na walang voucher 
Open HA TUNNEL and click start to connect


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