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22 July 2021

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<p>Recently, a group of teenagers doing a spot check on the latest premium features of the popular streaming music platformSpotify found themselves shocked when they discovered they could allow strangers access to their private accounts. The group was shocked to discover that strangers could access their private accounts. They had been led to believe they had just one account that could listen to music on the internet. There was no way to label them with the possibility of using their accounts for all purposes. People in China particularly, especially those of the younger generation, were shocked and confused by the circumstance.</p>

<p>Many of the subscribers to the new membership plans of Spotify have filed lawsuits against the service provider, saying that they're using only a small portion of storage space available for their music libraries Some have even threatened to bombard the company with complaints. Others simply claim that their true motive is not to make use of the service to conduct illegal activities, but rather to enjoy unlimited access to classical music from their computers or mobile devices. Certain users claim that they want to hear all the classical music is possible. Spotify however, has since retracted claims made by users and has apologized to the members of the public through their website. They claim, however, that their current subscriptions offer a lot more than earlier ones. They offer more storage space and a variety of free options such as background music and shuffle, which allows the music that you listen to be played at a higher standard.</p>


<p>Some people, such as users of various social media platforms are expressing anger and discontent over the possibility of having to pay for a premium membership toSpotify the company that gives the best value for money yet has seen a large rise in membership over the last year or so. While the app offers a no-cost trial for its premium customers, it has remained expensive for the majority of their customers. Users of the Reddit China thread are among the users that expressed their displeasure at the idea of having pay for a premium account in order to use Spotify. It's unfair for everyone to be forced to pay for something they already have. Additionally, they emphasized the possibility that premium accounts only be bought at the point of purchase. Users also pointed out that they have the option of making use of the free trial of Spotify for a chance to evaluate if the subscription is worth the price for maintaining a premium account.</p>



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