23rd July 2021 - User Accounts & Monetise Connections

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23 July 2021

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Today we launched the biggest update in Pastelink history - Pastelink accounts. Now you no longer need to use edit codes to edit pastes!

Pastelink Accounts
- You can now log in to your own account on Pastelink.
- Sign up here: https://pastelink.net/register
- In your account you'll be able to manage every paste you create - view, edit, clone, delete and restore. There's also a tick system for bulk managing pastes.
- Change your password and email address in the 'security' tab. We use an entropy based password strength system, so there are no rules except that weak passwords are not allowed.

Monetise This Paste
We've teamed up with an ad revenue sharing platform to help those of you that are here to earn money. Once you're connected, you can create pastes as normal on Pastelink, and extract payments from our partner.
The way it works is that your viewers will see 30 seconds of ads before reaching your paste. You'll then get a share of this revenue from our partner.
The connection is made at the account level, so once you are connected, every paste you make will automatically have a monetised link, as well as a direct link and (for now) a Facebook sharing link.
To get started, create your Pastelink account. Then follow the instructions on https://pastelink.net/account/connections
Make sure to get the easy link correct or you will not recieve any payment! If you are unsure, ask us and we will check it for you.

Facebook issue quick update - we're still pressuring Facebook to fix this. Our current hope is that it will be fixed within the next few weeks. If you would like a direct email as soon as this is solved, please email this to us at support@pastelink.net
Please carry on using the pslk.net links until then!

We're now working on more Pastelink updates look out for new news posts very soon.

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