5 Online Paraphrase Tools to Use in 2022

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12 May 2022

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In order to avoid plagiarism, paraphrasing tools change the original text. They change words and sentences to create a new one that conveys the same meaning in the fewest words. Several paraphrase tools make use of automatic dynamic text processing (ADT). ADT recognizes derivation form recognition and translates the meaning to the best match for words entered. This makes paraphrasing a more natural and effective process for both writers and publishers.


With its powerful artificial intelligence, CleverSpinner is able to quickly and easily parse articles, videos, images, and other text. It also has a plagiarism checker and character counter, making it a useful brainstorming tool. It can paraphrase content on the word and sentence level. As a result, its results are accurate enough to pass Copyscape and plagiarism analysis.

It integrates with ArticleBuilder, so you can easily create audio files from your articles. It also has a text-to-speech feature, which allows you to read the spun content out loud. It also features an extensive database of over 130,000 built-in articles. You can even translate your articles into 14 different languages, which makes it a powerful tool for any professional writer or marketer. CleverSpinner is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS tablets, and also works online.

You can also use Spinbot for free. This is a free online paraphrase tool. To use it, you just need to type in the text and click "Rephrase". You can paraphrase up to 10,000 characters at once, which is equivalent to 1430-2500 words. There are also paid versions available. https://paraphrasingtool.ai/effective-ways-to-make-content-engaging/ is great if you're working on a tight budget, because it is available without a premium plan.

With its artificial intelligence, CleverSpinner can also help you create fresh and unique content. By recognizing the context and meaning of content, it can generate articles that are unique and pass Copyscape's uniqueness check. Furthermore, CleverSpinner is capable of rewriting complex lists, sentences, and phrases. This tool is useful for copyediting websites and blogs.

Another tool worth mentioning is Spin Rewriter. It uses an emulated natural language technology to analyze your articles. This software will suggest alternative words and phrases based on their meaning. It will also highlight words in the original text and suggest alternative, similar words. It also offers automatic rewriting and word synonymization to avoid plagiarism. If you want to use CleverSpinner on a regular basis, you can subscribe for $9.90/month. The free trial period lasts three days. Afterwards, you can sign up for a subscription for a year.


If you're looking for an automated rewriting service, you've probably come across SpinBot. This free paraphrasing tool uses ENL technology to rewrite content in a way that is unique and readable for both visitors and search engines. It can paraphrase up to 1,000 articles at a time and allows you to incorporate stock photos to your rephrased content. This tool also works on any device that has an internet connection.

Besides being free, this program also features text spinning, which can generate ideas from existing texts. It also uses a phrasal context to rewrite text in an intelligent way. In addition, it can ignore words that are capitalized and can rephrase ten thousand words in seconds. The tool is incredibly efficient for generating new content, and you won't have to worry about copyediting.

This tool uses AI and automatic dynamic text processing to rephrase content in the most effective way possible. It identifies inflectional forms and creates synonyms from the input text. While these tools can be extremely helpful, you still need to remain entertaining and unique while still avoiding Google penalties. With this technology, you can now write compelling content that will keep Google's penalties at bay.

A premium tool allows users to customize various settings. You can choose whether you want the rewritten content to be short or long. The software also has several levels of rewriting, including a manual option. Paraphrased content will be 100% free of plagiarism and will not contain any duplicate content. There are many other paraphrasing tools, but these five are the best to use in 2022.

The two best paid online paraphrase tools include Paraphrasingtool.ai and Spin Rewriter. While their results will vary, both websites will produce unique content quickly and efficiently. The free version will only allow you to paraphrase a maximum of 10,000 characters at a time. You can even run a bulk piece of content in SpinRewriter. While these are not the only two online paraphrasing tools to use in 2022, these are still the best for most writers in all fields.


If you're tired of copying and pasting the same text, try using a machine-learning based paraphraser such as Paraphrasingtool.ai. It's a powerful tool that automatically paraphrases content in under a minute. The free version lacks some features like phrase compare mode, which saves time by choosing the most natural sentence structure. It also helps you to avoid plagiarism and ensure proper referencing.

This machine-learning based tool is free and works across the web. Unlike many other paraphrasers, Paraphrasingtool.ai has several modes to choose from. For instance, it can shorten a sentence without changing its meaning. It also has a creative mode where you can change the wording to create a different meaning.

Paraphrasingtool.ai has a very clean interface and uses artificial intelligence to improve its paraphrasing performance. It also has a free forever plan and a Chrome extension. It also integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs. WordAI is another famous machine-learning tool that has been around for quite some time. It uses artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of text and can paraphrase content. Its perfect tense checker also helps with grammatical errors.

Paraphrasingtool.ai is an excellent software that allows you to rephrase content and retain the original intent of the author. It includes four Synonyms points in the output. In addition to the paraphraser, you can use Grammarly to check for plagiarism and has a three-day money back guarantee. It is one of the 5 online paraphrase tools to use in 2022 and beyond.

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There are many online paraphrase tools available, but only a few are truly excellent. Using the right tool is vital for a variety of reasons, including keeping your content original, engaging, and free from plagiarism. Below, we have listed 5 great tools to help you paraphrase content and ensure your content stays original and fresh. Here's a brief introduction to each tool, as well as the benefits each one provides.

Firstly, paraphrase software can help you speed up the content creation process. You can use it to create two articles about the same subject matter. It can also generate new content pieces by re-using existing content. Paraphrase tools are best suited for writers, researchers, and scholars. They allow you to make small, but effective changes to written material. If you want to write content for SEO or SEM, you can use paraphrase tools that keep keyword structure intact.

Another good tool is CleverSpinner. This tool spins content and can paraphrase content in many different languages. It offers a free plan and can be used for a lifetime. You can also upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited access to advanced features. But before you make your purchase, consider the features and pricing before choosing the best one for your needs. You'll never regret using one of these paraphrase tools.

Boss Mode. This tool lets you write paraphrased SEO content and check it for plagiarism. It supports up to 25 languages and integrates Grammarly for grammatical checks. Then, use the advanced mode to add your own keywords to your text. The best part about this tool is that it's free! It's important to note that a free product doesn't always mean that it's good. Make sure you double check your source material before you publish it.

WordAI is another good choice. This paraphrase tool is cheap and offers two modes, a basic mode that allows you to paraphrase text without human corrections, and an advanced mode with a limit of 500 words at a time. This tool uses a highly developed artificial intelligence (AI) system to analyze text and rephrase it with equal comprehensibility. WordAI also has a free trial, so you can check out its features and learn about it without spending money.

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