Latest Boxing News: What Are the Upcoming Boxing Events?


03 August 2021

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If you are looking for the latest boxing news then you have to keep up with sports news. This includes everything that is going on with boxing and any other sport. One of the places you can get the latest boxing news is through the internet.

The world of boxing has changed drastically over the last few years. The first thing that changed was the big popular names in boxing like Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather. Then the junior middleweight king, cruiserweight king, and light heavyweight king were added to the ranks. Now we are seeing the rise of Teoitsu Lenderini as an up and coming fighter.

Teoitsu Lenderini is from the country of Brazil. He is ranked #5 in the world and is currently training to become the next Ibby or WBA world super flyweight champion. Recently WBC featherweight champion Jesus Diaz called him out and it looks as if Lenderini will be facing off against either Yoan Pena or Diego Sanchez in a very soon time. The main concern I see for him is whether or not he can make the weight cut and fight for the title.

Since the switch of the big names from being lightweight to heavyweights some great matches have been booked involving fighters that were previously in the heavyweight ranks. This includes stoppages, judges' decisions, and points scored. Recently we have seen the debut of Vasco Da Gama in an IBO match. He is a southpaw and has fought and defeated many of the top lightweights.

Another prospect that has been making a name for himself is Bahamontes. He is originally from Cuba but now fights out of California. He is a young fighter that is ranked #5 in the super lightweight division. He made his promotional debut last month in an IBO against Edwin Roosa. The fight went all the way into the eighth round and Roosa eventually lost the fight by decision.

The other major boxing news that you may have heard a lot about recently has to do with the cruiserweight division. The last year has seen a number of fighters try to enter this division. The first was former heavyweight turned lightweight Oscar De La Hoya. He was scheduled to face light heavyweight champ Antonio Rogerio at the year end of the year but he pulled out of the fight citing a hand injury. After that we saw James Thompson defeats Takeya Mizumi. Then there was Diego Sanchez, who lost to Ken Shamrock in a close decision.

So what is happening with the cruiserweight division? There seems to be a lot of buzz about two fighters that have fought and defeated their opponents already. One of those fighters is Nazim Richardson, who is making his professional debut this fall. He has knocked out his opponents in the past and has the toughness to handle fighters who specialize in striking. The other fighter that has been making some noise in the division is Krister Johnson who has impressed many with his kickboxing skills. I expect a lot of fans picking him to win the light flyweight title this fall.

As for the heavyweight division, there is not much happening there either. James Thompson has fought once and lost. He also has one win, which came against rough style kickboxer Andy Enyart. So I don't expect much in the way of news concerning either fighter or his upcoming bouts,

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