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03 August 2021

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Buy premium quality earphones - Myqpods is the best online shop to buy TWS U9 wireless Bluetooth earphones with 100% risk-free orders. Buy premium quality & dustfree earphones at the best prices.

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This is myqpods

Emotion is everything, music is life...

A breath of fresh air, escapades, dreams, the language of emotions, the new Earpods from Myqpods seeks to surprise you and transport you into anemotional and musical universe thanks to a quality sound that guarantees a premium sound environment with an anti-noise sound while remaining on a harmonious design that fits the shape of your ear.

With Myqpods, headphones have become a fashion accessory in their own right and not just a simple technology for our social and private lives.

Hyper-connected and compatible with all Bluetooth devices, Myqpods mini earphones have allowed celebrities and fashion brands to join forces to redefine the scope of technologies intended for the individual and his well-being.

DC5V power supply

Zinc alloy metal charging chamber, metal three-pin magnetic suction charging. Built-in lithium battery.

Cool breathing light

Growing breathing lamp, high profile atmosphere. Multi-process tight lying design can effectively prevent internal damage, from water and sweat.

One-Click Opertaion

Easy to do with one-click music control function, mobile phone can be safely put in the packet.

The depth presence and space of the voice presents the surroundings of the analysis stereo effect.

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