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03 August 2021

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What is a silicone mug owner

The mugs in life are made of glass or stainless steel with rapid transmission performance, it is inconvenient to hold directly when hot beverages insde. Therefore, there is a cup holder constructed from silicone gel with its heat resistance. Generally we can see these silicone cup holder for coffee as well as glass milk containers.

The material of the silicone cup owner

It is constructed from top notch silicone material, and also the product satisfies pertinent security certifications (such as FDA, UL, ROHs); the relevant temperature level variety of the product is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, and the silicone material attributes of heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, water and moisture resistance, rust resistance, scratch-resistant, non-slip and so on. Cup owner constructed from silicone is soft as well as really feels comfy.

Advantages of silicone mug owner

Warm preserving: The silicone cup owner can play the role of heat preserving.

Anti-slip: The silicone mug holder can successfully raise the friction of the outer wall surface of the water mug to achieve the function of anti-slip.

Warmth insulation: The silicone cup owner can properly separate the warmth of the water mug after putting hot water to avoid the user from being melted.

Gorgeous: The silicone mug holder can be made in different shapes and also colors, can be made to eliminate the dull features of the glass as well as increase the charm.

Defense: The silicone cup holder can likewise shield the glass from abrasion or damage, as well as has a certain anti-fall security function.

The color of the silicone cup holder

The shade of mug holder is formulated by adding a certain proportion of color paste to the raw silicone products. In Shenzhen Chentian Silicone Rubber Product Co.,ltd , the shades of silicone mug holder can be adapted to the Pantone shade card, but in real conditions, there will certainly be a certain degree of color distinction.

Where are the silicone cup holders primarily used?

Silicone cup holders are mainly used for coffee in European and also American nations where coffee is popular, such as coffee container holders in Starbucks restaurants. While these silicone cp holders used in the business s canteen shows the business s brand name and strength. Used on silicone products factory of infant products to shield the delicate hands of the baby from being heated when drinking milk. It can additionally be utilized for trade fairs, commercial promotion, service gifts and various other industries.

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