Back Severe Pain Monmouth County


03 August 2021

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Severe back pain, can originate in any area of your back, neck or hips for a variety of reasons. That’s why you must get a reliable diagnosis from an experienced doctor. Only after determining the right cause of your pain can you be effectively treated. Some of the typical causes of back pain include:
- A muscle or ligament strain
- Poor sleeping habits
- Aging that leads to degeneration of the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
- Thinning bones, often caused by osteoporosis
- Bulging or herniated discs, an ailment that requires chronic back pain treatment
- Infections of your kidneys or bladder
- Pelvic inflammatory disease
- Scoliosis, a condition where the spine curves abnormally

You may be at a greater risk of developing mid-back pain if you fall into certain categories, some of which are in your control and some aren’t. Your risk increases if you:
- Work at a job requiring heavy lifting or long periods of sitting
- Are obese or overweight
- Are advanced in years
- Are pregnant
- Don’t participate in physical fitness exercises
- Smoke cigarettes

Back Severe Pain Monmouth County spinal doctors use advanced technology to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your back pain. Your back pain doctor walks you through the diagnosis process so you know what to expect. He also discusses the most effective treatment options for your troublesome back, based on your physical health and diagnosis. Call us now: 732-737-9230.

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