Bakkes Mod: Configuration And Usage Tips To Make The Most Of This Great Mod

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08 January 2022

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The Rocket League Community is just a big place, and it could be tough to find a very good mods for the game. With that in mind, we made a decision to compile a list of some of typically the most popular ones for you! In this article, we're going over BakkesMod. This mod has been downloaded over 100 thousand times and had a typical rating of 4/5 stars on Steam. It's a must-have if you'd like more competitive gameplay or just something fresh! Let's have a closer look at what it offers: BakkesMod is a mod produced by Bakke, a favorite member of the community. It's suitable for all game modes, contains several rebalances and not-game breaking bugs.

The next reason you should utilize BakkesMod, along with its features like Aero Handicap (which fixes that annoying car advantage in 1v1) or Rumble Time Mod (which causes realistic car shakes if they explode), is really because your mods are not stuck using one platform. Using custom quite happy with different platforms never been easier, which is also the fourth reason. The city strives to make it easy for you to find what you're searching for and has recently made a website that lets you decide on if your content should be suitable for Xbox or PC.

Also, there is a fix for invisible ball syndrome where in fact the ball becomes invisible because of lighting issues. These problems should now be resolved with this particular mod! BakkesMod also increases framerates by up to 30fps depending on how powerful your computer is in addition to updates Rocket League's audio files for better sound quality. This mod offers a lot of new features to the overall game, such as a chatbox, preset bots for offline practice, custom rooms with your pals or by yourself, and a great deal more!

Another great feature is customization while editing maps: there's no need for any external software here; all you should do is click and edit, with everything, handled in-game. An appealing feature when you want to create your custom maps stand out from the crowd is uploading them onto the official Rocket League trainer map workshop, where you can be sure tens and thousands of players might find them. Another interesting feature is as possible create custom Rocket Trails.

That's to say, how high or low you'll aim before releasing something, so it falls to the bottom at the specified location rather than being thrown straight ahead all its trajectories. The blue slider determines your minimum aiming height. You can't release any items which can be closer than this setting to the bottom, or else they'll start hitting the ground immediately after hitting theaters, regardless of how high or low they're aimed. The 3rd green slider determines how much velocity is imparted to any items thrown. To receive added details on Rocket League Trainer kindly look at

You know, keep those that can't follow the guidelines away from those that do follow the principles and want to see everything that the mod has to offer without being disturbed by idiots? While these are only a few of the Pros and Cons of playing BakkesMod, there are lots of more things worth mentioning that you must discover on your own.
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