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05 August 2021

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Create 100s of SEO webpages in hours? This game-changing tech will help your business


Building a website requires time, money, and expertise. Unfortunately, even if you have an

excellent product, unless you have all three of those elements you will not be able to

compete with the thousands of products and services out there.

Imagine a scenario where you could build a website of 100s pages of SEO-friendly content

that ranks highly on Google in hours! The tech behind MassWeb makes this not only a

reality but achievable by anyone.

We will explore why you need this game-changing technology to help your business and


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Game-changing offer:

We will create a website with 100 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pages, including

content (750 words per article) in your industry. We will target the best 100 long-tail

keywords for quick results. You will be higher ranked than your competitors, increasing your

reach. You will have more active conversions, increasing sales and traffic. You will become

more than a player in your niche, you will perform much faster, better than any other

website in your field.

SEO Website Builder Visit

Why do you need this tech?

Anyone who has ever created a website knows that it requires a lot of resources, planning

and ongoing development. The internet is every changing; new tools, platforms and SEO

practices are constantly being rolled out. Unless you are capable of adapting at this fast

pace, your business will never truly thrive.

Here are the three biggest areas MassWeb can help grow your brand:

1 Time – an entire website in mere hours

If you have ever tried to create a webpage to promote your brand or product, you will know

that this takes planning and a lot of your precious time. You need to have a content

strategy, topics, page ideas… all of this takes an enormous amount of time.

A typical website requires the following:

Discovery Phase - 3 weeks

Design Phase - 6 weeks

Development Phase - 3 weeks

Modification Period - 2 weeks

Migration and Launch - Depends on the platform

The above list excludes the time it takes to create individual pieces of content, especially if

you are a large business hoping to create 100s of items. With MassWeb you will save

months on development time, putting you in your market sooner and getting you onto the

path of success that much faster.

2 Money – saving you thousands in development costs

Everything online has a cost; even a simple 4-page webpage website can cost you $500 to

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create. A custom-built webpage can set you back as much as $30 000. Then there is the all-

important content to write, edit and publish. The cheapest freelancers will charge $30 per

article and for quality articles, you are looking at $100 or more. This excludes costs such as

editing, proofreading, and making sure they are SEO-optimized. You will also have to

consider the time to create content; the best freelancers can produce about 5 items a day,

meaning a 100-page website will require at least a month for content creation. easiest website builder can search for and create SEO-friendly content in mere hours. We

can provide up to 1000 pages of content in a fraction of the time it would take a team of

content writers to develop.

3 Expertise – SEO-friendly content, best Google ranking

If you own a website but unsure why you are not ranked highly on Google, your platform

could have poor SEO. Even an old platform with hundreds of articles can have a poor

ranking on Google simply through bad SEO practices. square website builder are familiar with

reliable website practices and revamping an existing website to be more SEO-friendly will

require and time and resources. we will apply our decades of SEO expertise to

help raise your ranking on Google, giving you a competitive edge. Our webpage creation

tool not only creates content in hours but ensures that every item has the best long-tail

keywords. This means that not only will more potential clients are exposed to your brand

but those that are will be converted at a higher rate – higher conversion = more profits for



Our goal is to level the planning field by giving anyone who uses our services the

opportunity to not only thrive in their industry but ultimately grow to dominate their niche.

We have several services and products to suit your needs.

What are you waiting for? Seize this opportunity – thrive, dominate, and build the website

of your dreams.

Click here to find out more!

SEO Website Builder Visit

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