A Review of the Phanxxy Sex Toy


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05 August 2021

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The PHANNY Wave-motion Prostate Massager utilizes vibrating wave motion technology which the toy moves back and forth along your penis to stimulate land massaging pressure, delivers a finger like massage to your prostate, and opens up a man's most sensitive zone by unlocking the sexual potential of his p-spot. This toy also includes two massagers for use in single or tandem mode. The two managers have different settings for use at any given time. They also include a vibrator base for use with the vibrator head.

The Phanxys main competitors are the KY Magic Prostate Vibrator and the Traxedo Bodygroom. Both toys are similar in function but are priced in completely different ranges. The KY Magic has been around longer and is probably a better value. Traxedo is made by the well known and respected company Kink. https://bestreviews.tips/phanxy-sex-toys_741719/ The Traxedo uses silicone and the KY Magic uses the same smooth silicone material but incorporates a more flexible silicone material that allows for a sturdier body that will fit the hand more comfortably.

As mentioned earlier, the PHANNY uses a dual vibration system including the vibrator head and the massager. With the vibrator set at a low setting the massager moves forward and hits your prostate directly. At the same time the vibrator head is set at a higher setting, the head sends out a wave of vibrations that travel down your legs and across your feet reaching your partner. The different vibration patterns that are delivered feel different and are designed to meet your partner's unique pleasure expectations.

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The design of the vibrator head makes it more comfortable to use than any other vibrator style that we have seen. The head is small enough that you can insert into the vagina and feels safe against your penis. It is also designed to be used during sex without any interruption so that your partner can concentrate on getting you off rather than on what they are feeling. The head is also small enough that it can be worn around the vagina instead of a cock ring and feels great when worn. This means that it's safe to give your partner oral sex and also a great option if you are looking to buy something discreet.

The KY Magic is almost identical to the PHANxy Wave Motion and uses the same powerful yet gentle motor. However, the Wave Motion does run a bit faster and could be more suited for those looking for a quickie. The main difference between the two is that the Phanxy Wave Motion runs on batteries while the KY Magic requires a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable batteries make the unit quite self-contained, which is important if you are using the unit in the bedroom with your partner and want to be able to use it at any time.

The KY Magic Pro is the most technologically advanced vibrator on the market today and has many different vibration settings to offer your lover. The control panel is extremely user-friendly and the buttons are touch-sensitive, which means that even those who are not used to masturbating will be able to operate this toy easily. There are three settings to choose from, and these are all sensual for different types of people. The first setting is for men who enjoy gently massaging their penises and the second is for women who like to have their bodies pampered with intense vibrations. If you prefer a slower, gentler massage, then choose the fourth setting which will allow for just that.

The phanxy range also has a hands-free version of the g-spot vibrator, which is designed to be used during intercourse. The g-spot is located about three inches inside the vagina and this is the ideal place for the hands-free stimulation of this area. By using your own hands to stimulate the area, you can help increase the intensity of your orgasm and make sex more enjoyable for both of you. The hands-free phanxy also helps to reduce the amount of damage that can be done during sex by reducing friction and preventing injuries.

The phanxy range also has a number of vibrator options which you can purchase separately. These options include the Svakom from which you can choose your own head (for men only), the NxGlow from which you can control the speed of the vibrations, and the Dash (or Triton) from which you can also control the intensity of the vibrations. You can find the Svakom and the NxGlow in a number of different locations online. You can also buy the Dash separately from the Phanxys website.

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