What is the Coolest Way of Scraping Amazon Products Data during 2021?


05 August 2021

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In case, you are working in the e-commerce business, Amazon is the platform, which you could be needed to cope with what is required. Having over 10 billion products, Amazon is an ideal place to get updated product data from different manufactures.

Provided the real requirement, you could require to extract product listed titles, pricing data, product descriptions, star ratings, product photos, questions & answers, customer reviews, etc.

RetailGators Scraper is amongst the easiest to use data scrapers accessible. You do not require to understand any technical knowledge or coding to utilize this scraper.

It takes around 5 minutes in case, you wish to extract any data from Amazon. Let’s go through a detailed and step-by-step tutorial for giving you a start:

1. Loading The Products Category Listing in Amazon
The initial step is loading the products data that you wish to scrape. It could be easily completed by searching the targeted keywords in Amazon’s search bar. However, we believe you already understand that.

For instance, if you like to scrape the existing market data for best-selling pillowcases at Amazon.com, simply type a selected category keyword known as “pillowcase” as well as load search results pages.

In case, you need to scrape the finest sellers for any particular category, you could do that also, just search the category of best sellers under navigation menu. Here, it will come under the category Home & Kitchen then -> Bedding then -> Sheets & Pillowcase then -> Pillowcases.

2. Choose Which Data to Scrape
As we have recognized the category, you would require to decide the data type you need to extract from Amazon. In case, you want broad data like product title, review counts, first product listing image, and prices. You could find them from search result pages.

In case, you require additional data like detailed description, product images, comprehensive customer reviews, or questions & answers, then you require to navigate the product details page because these data are not accessible in search results page.


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