How to Frost Your Cupcakes Using Marshmallow Fluff?


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11 August 2021

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This yummy homemade marshmallow frosting recipe is the perfect pale frosting recipe for cupcakes and cakes. You will use marshmallow fluff as the base for the frosting and there are no eggs in this homemade marshmallow frosting recipe either. It is super fast and easy to make with only three basic ingredients. It has a velvety texture and can be frosted in several different ways. I have made it plain and then added some edible ink for a whimsical touch.

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If you would like to try this homemade marshmallow creme recipe, then here is what you will need. The recipe is made up of four simple ingredients. You will want to have at least two eggs, approximately one tablespoon of marshmallows, and approximately two cups of heavy cream or milk. These are just the basics and I encourage you to add your own ingredients based on what you have on hand.

Now let us get started. Start by preparing the marshmallow frosting recipe that you have chosen. In a mixing bowl, you will need approximately two cups of heavy cream or milk, approximately one tablespoon of marshmallows, and approximately two tablespoons of confectioner sugar. Once you have prepared all of your ingredients, you are ready to mix these ingredients together. Once you have mixed the ingredients together, spoon them into small air tight plastic bags and then refrigerate them.

Now that you have your ingredients, you are going to want to beat the Marshmallow Fluff by using a mixer bowl that has been covered with wax paper. You will want to beat the marshmallow fluff on low speed for approximately four minutes. Once the marshmallow fluff is done, you will want to add your second egg whites to the mixer bowl and beat the egg whites until they are fully incorporated. Once the egg whites are fully incorporated, you will then want to beat the cream just until it begins to thicken.

After the second egg white batch has been beaten, you will want to add the rest of your ingredients to your mixer bowl and begin to frost the recipe according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once all of your ingredients have been blended, you will want to cover your mixer bowl with the Styrofoam cupcake liner. Now you are all set up to layer your cakes in your very own unique way. For this recipe, we highly recommend that you frost the cake as you would the layers in our Simple Lemonade Diet cookbook.

The final step in how to frost your cake is to spread the marshmallow fluff over the cake and use the tips provided with the homemade frosting to gently frost the top of the cake. This will help ensure a smooth look. Once the marshmallow is blended, you can then pour your hot prepared lemon juice over the cake and let it stand for about five minutes. Once the cake is cool, you can frost it as you would other cupcakes by using your own homemade frosting.

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Marshmallow fluff cupcakes are a very versatile treat that can be frosted in a number of different ways. From traditional frosting recipes using marshmallows to using a cream or almond buttercream frosting, you are certain to find a tantalizing flavor combination that you will love. So try some of these ideas and see just how versatile they can be!

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