11th August 2021 - Security & Captchas

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11 August 2021

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Added option - Security

Today we added a new option when creating pastes - Security. This is a new optional selection, which can be set to either captcha or login:
Captcha - If you set a paste to this security option, each viewer will need to complete a captcha before they are able to view.
Login - This option will force a viewer to be logged into a Pastelink account in order to view the paste.

These new options were added to help improve security - consider using them if you are having trouble sharing your pastes on other websites.

New feature - Fewer Captchas

While we were working with captchas, we recoded them across the entire site. Now Pastelink will remember when you last filled one out and will only show you one after a certain number of actions across the whole site. You get more actions per captcha if you log in.
Note: you can still only make one account per captcha fill.

Smaller upgrades:

This week we also upgraded the look of the paste page by condensing down the information. The paste font was changed to Poppins like the rest of the site now.
We also added new panels to the homepage to showcase what Pastelink is all about.

Our next update will be ready soon and we can't wait to show it to you all - this one will be great for those of you who speak English as a secondary language.

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