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12 December 2021

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I hate bars. They’re smoky, crowded, and more often than not, much too loud. Because of this, I rarely go to a bar for anything other than socializing with friends or to see a band and therefore all talking was definitely suspended.

That’s what I was doing at Thomas’ the night I met Parker. The band was one of those unknown indie bands that I just couldn’t miss and since no one else had any interest, I went alone. I had no intention of meeting anybody, hell, I think I’d only picked up two girls in bars in all of my thirty five years and truth be told both of those picked me up. And so it was with Parker on that night.

The bar was crowded…and loud and I was enjoying the band and the bodies. Working on beer number while sitting at the bar I noticed this hot blonde (a dark sandy blonde to be exact) glancing at me. At first I thought that she must be looking at someone else near me but a few moments later there she was again. Catching what I thought was more than a sideways glance I nodded hello, tipped my beer at her and looked back at the stage. She smiled and did the same.

“No big deal,” I thought to myself. Women always play games in these places so I thought nothing of it. At least until I noticed her working her way down the bar in my direction.

She stood about 5’ 5” or so with wavy hair about two inches past her shoulders. She was cute with a soft looking texture to her skin with a smallish nose that turned up just a little and I couldn’t help but wonder if she was old enough to be in the place. Oh, and did I mention that she had a body to die for? Her body fit her face perfectly. Nothing out of proportion, just nice shoulders leading to nice round breasts with a nice accent of hips and ass. She had on one of those glittery short sleeve no collar tops that didn’t have a chance to cling to her midsection because of the way it fell off of those gorgeous tits! My first thought was, “what’s a major fox like this want with me?”

“You’re here by yourself,” she said, half question and half statement.

She had one of those sultry, sensuous voices referred to as smoky. An old girlfriend of mine had the same sounding voice and it was a major turn on for me.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’ve been waiting for these guys to come to town and nobody else wanted to see them so…”

We talked about the band and why we liked them, maybe I should say we shouted about the band because normal talking was out of the question. We bought each other several more beers, watched the band, shouted at each other when opportunity presented itself and I generally had a great time. She was gorgeous from head to toe but her body wasn’t the only thing that was beautiful. I felt instantly at ease with her. After an hour or so with the band finishing up, she turned toward me and said, “I’m Parker.”

“I’m Terry,” I said “nice to meet you, thanks for the beers and the company.”

“My pleasure…it was fun,” she replied.

“Would you like to get together and do this again?” I asked.

Sure, I’d like to go out with you,” she answered. “Let me give you my cell. Call me tomorrow and we’ll work out something.” “Sounds good to me,” I said, and boy did it ever! Besides, who was I to say no to that fluttering feeling I had going on down there!

We left the bar a few minutes later, put our hands together for a brief (and tantalizing) moment and said good night to each other. I walked her to her car and she leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. Parker got into her car, waved and started to pull away. Through her open window, I heard “call me tomorrow.” Yeah, like I was going to forget to do that!

The whole way back to my car I could feel her breasts press against me when she kissed me. Had to be deliberate I thought to myself. Man, what just happened here, talk about living right! I could still smell her on me the entire drive home prompting fantasies both innocent and lewd. I kept thinking about those firm tits! They were incredible! I wanted my mouth all over them. I wanted my stiff rod between them, cover them in cum! There was no end to how nasty I wanted to get with her, and if I read this situation correctly, I probably wasn’t far off from what reality might spring on me. I climbed into bed that night, hand on my hard prick and enjoyed myself.

The next morning, I had to resist the urge to call Parker the moment I woke up. “Man, I’ve gotta get a grip,” I had to tell myself. And so I did, again! Fantasizing about Parker in the shower, I masturbated to an explosive conclusion.

Pretty much worthless all day at work I all but ran from the office counting down the minutes when I finally would get to call Parker.

Knowing I was calling way too early, I dialed her number the moment I got home. She picked up on the second ring (was she as anxious as me?) and she said “Parker.”

“Do you always answer that way,” I asked?

“Yeah, well I’m a different kind of girl, I don’t do things the ordinary way.”

Thinking of last night, her approaching me, buying her share of the beers and finally that wonderful kiss I said, “Yeah, well I guess I have to agree.”

We made some small talk about how much we liked the show when Parker asked, “ have you eaten yet?”

“No,” I replied, “I just got home from work.”

“Well, do you want to catch some dinner with me?”

I had to stop myself from blurting out “DO I EVER!” Instead I managed to sound somewhat restrained when I replied, “Yes, that’d be great!”

We made plans to meet at a Greek place we both knew, hung up and I raced to get ready.

I arrived ten minutes early, got a table and waited for Parker to arrive. When she did, I must say I was impressed. The skirt she wore was short (mid thigh) showing off a great pair of tanned legs. Her top was one of those clingy things meant to accentuate those tits and that it did! She turned most every eye in the place, both male AND female.

“Wow! You look absolutely stunning!” I said to her, suddenly feeling very proud to have the attention of a girl like this. Surely any minute now I would wake up from this great dream and once again face reality. But with every passing minute, this fantasy was proving reality.

We had a great evening, talked about everything, had some wine, got a little drunk and made plans for the next night, Friday. We walked to our cars and this time we stepped into an embrace as we kissed.

“That’s so nice,” she said when we parted lips. “ You can’t believe some of the guys I’ve gone out with. Seems all they want is to immediately paw at my tits,” she said with a gentle laugh at the end.

I didn’t know which surprised me more, her talking about her tits or my guilty feeling of wanting to paw at them.

“You know, the thought has crossed my mind,” I said, for some reason not feeling embarrassed.

“But you’re different, I can tell,” Parker replied.

With that we kissed again, said good night and parted ways.

There was more masturbation when I got home, Parker fueling the inevitable explosion. “Man,” I thought to myself, “this girl is something else!”

Even more worthless at work than the day before, Parker occupied my thoughts all day. The potential for tonight to be completely out of control was obvious. I couldn’t wait!

We went to an early movie, Parker back in tight jeans and equally tight top. With those tits any shirt was going to look tight, but it seemed she knew just the right fabric to take complete advantage of her shape and size.

The movie was OK, nothing great, and then Parker said the words I was waiting to hear. “Let’s go back to my place and settle in for the night.”

She had a small house in a nice neighborhood, nothing fancy, just nice. It fit her perfectly. She didn’t put on airs about what a fox she was, she was just nice. That was very different from most of the girls I’d dated that were of similar caliber. I mentioned this to her, saying how different she was from what I was used to dealing with.

“I’m different all right,” she replied.

I didn’t really think much about that comment when she asked if I’d like some wine. Put on a good buzz, then hopefully enjoy the fruits of Parker was what ran through my head. Once again, “Yes I would,” civilly uttered forth from my mouth.

We had several glasses, started to get a little drunk, started making out. We slid into each others’ arms and kissed. Her lips were soft, moist and electric! There was something about kissing this girl that made it feel brand new! Our tongues danced as if searching for some lost treasure. Pressed fully against her chest she felt like heaven! Our hands began to roam and I gently kissed her neck and ears while I reached up to caress her firms tits. We both let out a little sigh and she arched her head back inviting me to continue. My lips worked down to the spot above her cleavage, my tongue making circular motions tasting her. And she tasted intoxicating. It was the perfect storm of sensual. Meanwhile, her hand had run over my thighs and found my growing excitement. I was just about to pull her top over her head when she suddenly stopped and said, “give me just a second, I’ll be right back.”

I thought to myself, “I might only have a few seconds!”

She separated from me, gave my cock a playful squeeze and said “don’t worry, I think you’ll like what I have for you.”

Like what she has for me? What could that possibly mean? I found the answer mere moments later.

Parker stepped back into the room and dimming the lights halfway, I found out just how stunning she could look. She had on a red teddy that didn’t really contain her breasts as much as it floated over them. It fell away to expose her flat tummy and that soft spot right above her pussy. She had on a pair of string panties that left little to the imagination. At least that’s what I thought.

She sort of glided over to the couch, knelt down in front of me and said, “now, let’s get YOU a bit more comfortable.”

OK, so at this point I ‘m thinking that the jackpot has been hit! It doesn’t get better than this! But that statement to my surprise was going to be quite a bit short of reality.

Parker proceeded to take my shirt off and leaned forward to briefly kiss me and then she took my right nipple in her mouth and danced her tongue over and around, biting at just right time and pressure. With my blood pressure rising along with something else, Parker started to undo my belt and then my jeans.

As my jeans pulled down over my thighs, my cock jumped out of the open fly in my boxers. “I like a man who knows when to stand at attention,” she playfully said. Then as she got my jeans completely off, I reached down to start to pull of my boxers.

“No, don’t do that,” she said. She leaned forward, first pressing those wonderful tits against my cock and then enveloped me between them. Taking advantage of how wet I was, she started to stroke me with those gorgeous breasts. The thought…slippery when wet invaded my mind as I leaned my head back and enjoyed.

“Like that?” she purred.

“You know that I do,” I managed.

“Good, but we don’t want you to get off this way tonight, we’ll save that for another time.”

“Another time?” I thought to myself. “Thank God there’s going to be another time!”

Just as the thought was finishing, Parker took my rod into her mouth. Warmth enveloped not only my manhood but also my entire body. Her transition from a terrific slide job to blow job was flawless. What talent!

She worked my cock using several different techniques driving me crazy with those lips and that tongue. Then after about ten minutes or so, Parker looked up into my eyes and said, “you ready?”

Oh yeah, I was ready! The thought of fucking her was spinning my head.

She put her mouth back on my cock, prompting me to kind of wonder what was next. I found out immediately.

As she pulled off my boxers (her mouth leaving me only for a brief second as the waistband crossed my cock) I felt a moist, slick finger press against my asshole. “If you do that, it’s going to make me cum,” I said.

“I’m not worried, I think I have something that will get you interested again,” she purred again.

With that, she started to insert her finger in me while increasing her suction on the head of my cock. I was surprised when I arched my hips and moaned a little. She then proceeded to slide her mouth down the length of my member while at the same time sliding her finger deeper inside me so that both motions mimicked the other. It was incredible! It took all of my concentration to keep from cumming right away. The combination of her sucking me and her finger pumping in me cause a shudder through my entire body.

Parker must’ve been able to tell I was going to cum because she stopped at the head of my cock and sucked. I exploded hot juice into her mouth for what seemed an eternity. I thought I emptied every ounce of fluid in my entire body. But on the final couple of surges of my eruption Parker pulled away so some of my hot fluid spurted onto her face.

“That is so hot!” I said to her.

She smiled, licked some cum from the corner of her mouth and said, “it’s so good, you should try some.” She then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth giving me that opportunity to share.

Whatever I thought would be my reaction, it wasn’t. Bracing for something unpleasant…what she shared was simply erotic as it can get. I’d never done anything like that before and as I would soon discover, this exchange would prove only the beginning of firsts for me.

Parker got off her knees and stood in front of me. The teddy was around her waist hanging down to about mid thigh. I started to get up when she said, “no…just stay there an enjoy.”

She started to gyrate to some unheard music while slowly turning her back to me. The teddy slipped down unveiling her terrific ass. She slid her thumbs into the g-string and started to peel down. The farther the g-string went down the more her ass spread open until I could see her beautiful brown flower.

“ Would you like to fuck my ass,” she said with a tone that could mean nothing but the best of trouble. “By the look of your cock I see your answer is yes.”

It was then I noticed my erection was indeed grown full again.

“But first, something I hope you’ll like every bit as much as my ass,” she said.

She turned to face me then and every emotion available ran through me. My beautiful fox, my fantasy girl stood in front of me stroking…a semi erect seven inch cock!!!

“Oh my God,” wheezed out of my lungs. “How…” was all I could muster for the moment.

“I thought you’d be turned on,” she said to me, seemingly searching my face for something.

Now, I have to say that I’ve had my wild fantasies before but being confronted with one in the flesh was proving daunting and I said so. “That doesn’t mean I’m not turned on,” I said shaking my still rock hard penis as evidence. “I just needed a second to land again on solid ground!”

The fact was I was ecstatic about my lover’s package. A montage of possibilities flashed before me and the thought of everything we could do with and to each other was not lost on me. With that , I stood up, stepped into Parker and kissed her deeply. The feeling of our cocks pressing against the other was itself almost enough to make me cum. I looked into her (and now I realized also HIS) eyes and then softly planted a kiss on those inviting lips of hers/his. Our tongues once again met and our arms wrapped around each other and squeezed tight.

As strange as the position was, I shook with excitement. My lips went to Parker’s neck and her head fell back as if to give me full access. My hands cupped her breasts and I lifted them into my mouth. Parker let out a soft moan when I bit her nipple more hard than playful. Then, still shaking, I reached down to take Parker’s cock in my hand. It was hot to the touch (I’d always wondered about that). Surprisingly it felt natural when I knelt down and took her flesh into my mouth.

“She’s bigger than me,” I thought to myself.

Parker’s rod slowly pushed into my mouth and I had a moment of panic thinking of the size as the head reached the back of my throat and my gag reflex started to kick in. Then her stiffness was withdrawing again and I could feel the head between my lips again. I so wanted to please Parker but felt like I was lost (fantasy is one thing but reality is truly something else). I found a rhythm that seemed to satisfy her judging from the “yes just like that,” that I heard from above me.

It wasn’t long before I was varying how much cock I took in my mouth, how hard I sucked or licked that wonderful hot, hard rod. As I tried to force all of Parker down my throat, I started once again to gag. “You’ll get used to it with practice sweetie, and seeing how eager you are, it won’t be long. Don’t worry, I’ll have you sucking cock like a pro in no time at all!

“Sucking cock like a pro? I didn’t know how much I liked that idea but I sure as hell wasn’t going to argue the point with the point of a hard on jammed into my mouth. And I was enjoying it, there was no doubt about that. Now if I could make her cum in my mouth I would consider this a complete success. I then remembered a technique an old girlfriend used on me. She’d been the only girl ever to use such an approach so I thought maybe Parker would be new to it as well.

Instead of taking the shaft into my mouth, I sucked on the underside with my lips from the base and then without losing any suction I slid my mouth over the top of Parker’s cock, sucked and then slowly back down her cock.

“Immediately Parker said, “what was that! It was great!”

As I started to take my mouth off her cock, she said, “oh no, don’t stop, we’ll talk later, right now just suck me off!”

Well, that’s just what happened. My hands ran over every inch of Parker. Tits, ass, thighs, calves, feet, stomach, arms, shoulders…all the time her cock sliding through my lips. After what seemed only minutes, Parker started to pant “oh yes, oh yes” when suddenly I felt her cock and ass tense up and when my mouth once again slid over the head of her cock, an explosion, and I do mean an explosion of sweet jism gushed into my mouth. I gripped her ass tight and sucked.

“Suck all of me,” she demanded and after what seemed like at least twenty convulsions, Parker finally stopped cumming. “Come here,” she said to me and reluctantly I let her rod fall from my lips and I stood up. We embraced and kissed deeply. We kissed passionately for several minutes and when we parted Parker said, “I’ve never had anyone do me like that. You actually sucked me to completion on your first try! That’s pretty much impossible. I don’ know if I want to keep you all for myself or share you with my friends!” “But plenty of time for that,” she said, and reaching for my once again aching hard on said, “but for now, how about filling up my pussy with this lovely tool of pleasure.”

Parker poured lubricant on my cock, told me to sit on the edge of the couch and then stradled me face first and positioned her love entrance on the head of my cock. Slowly she applied pressure and I felt myself split her open. Ever so slowly she sat on my cock taking me to the hilt. Seeing Parker’s cock lying on my stomach as she impaled herself completely was such a turn on I thought I was going to burst in a matter of seconds. Somehow I managed to avoid release and began to stroke her ass with ever increasing intensity. Harder and harder. Faster and faster I fucked that ass for all I was worth! While still inside her, Parker reversed to face away from me and I spanked her ass with every downstroke. At times I thought I hit her too hard but never heard any objections.

Finally, I sat Parker on the edge of the couch and fucked her hard with the intent to cum. Watching Parker’s cock bounce as I drove ever harder and deeper into her pussy was an incredible turn on. After a few minutes, a shudder from deep inside me worked itself upward and exploded from me. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to cum as much as I did so soon after my first orgasm. But as more cum flowed out of Parker’s ass, the more came from my cock! Spent, I slowly slid out of Parker’s love hole.

“Was it everything you’d hoped?” she asked.

“And more,” I replied. “You do have a beautiful pussy Parker, you do know that don’t you? And a cock anyone would love to suck!”

“There’s one more thing I can do for you, what do you think, do you want to try?” she said.

Before I could think, I looked into her eyes and said “more than anything I want you inside me, but you’ve got quite a cock.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this a few times before and I’m positive you’re going to love this!”

I took her cock in my mouth and helped her get hard. The feeling of a hot hard cock in my mouth was exciting in itself, but the upcumming event, my first ass fucking got me as horny as I’ve ever been. I wasn’t scared in the least when Parker poured the lube into my asshole and then over his swollen staff. She leaned forward and gently pushed me back on the couch and laid onto me so our cocks rubbed together and kissed me deeply for a minute.

“I promise it’ll be OK,” she said.

Then, stepping back, she put her hands under my knees and pushed up and toward my chest. I could feel my love hole open up and then Parker’s cock was pressing against me. I must’ve tightened up because she cooed, “just relax and let me take you. Trust me, you’ve never felt anything like what you’re about to experience.”

Watching Parker’s face and eyes, I tried to relax my anus. “That’s perfect,” I heard her say and at the same time I felt the head of her shaft attempt entry.

“Ahhh,” released from me.

Then I felt her rod push ever so slightly forward. “Oh man, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle this,” I thought to myself. Then I saw Parker gazing into my eyes and the only thing I could think was of my desire to please her.

“Please fuck me,” I managed to pant and felt her shaft drive in deeper. Explosions went off inside me, I thought I’d been split in two! And then just as quickly the rest of my body exploded…in pure ecstasy! If this is how it feels on one stroke, I’ll never get enough! Then I could feel Parker’s cock pulling back out. My hands gripped her ass which turned me on even more as I tried to open my legs wider. This sort of rotated my ass out and up and it must’ve been a good thing because Parker said, “that’s right.”

Then another plunge started and the results were identical…explosive intensity followed by unbelievable pleasure. She pulled back again and I had to say, “I can feel every bit of your cock in me and I love every inch!” Parker then proceeded to quicken her strokes and the only thing I felt was pure bliss. No more pain (or if there was it was outweighed by pleasure) and after about a minute Parker started to fuck me harder and faster.

“Fuck me, fuck me, I want to feel you all the way inside me,” I gasped. And Parker obliged! Banging hard against my ass I could hear the slapping of wet against wet and then something started happening. I had no idea what it was, but all of a sudden my entire body began shaking. No, convulsing was more like it! Literal stars began appearing in my vision. I pulled Parker close to me feeling those tits and hair envelope me. I shook uncontrollably as Parker kept smacking my ass, driving her rod in and out of me. I no longer could see Parker. I held her tightly and convulsed for an eternity. Then suddenly a warmth filled me from inside and I realized Parker had cum inside me. It was wonderful! I could feel her juice in my ass and some leaking out of me. An ultimate power turn on!

My convulsions eased and Parker kept her cock in my ass and it was comforting to me. I didn’t want her to pull out of me which she didn’t for some time.

“I can’t believe it!” she said, “you’re a full body orgasmer! You’re so lucky! Not everybody can release like you’re able to. Nobody will believe me and trust me when I say this, everybody is going to want to fuck you!”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing,” I asked.

“C’mon, imagine feeling that for hours on end as you take on one after another,” she said.

“You mean gang fucked?!” I exclaimed suddenly alarmed that this was going somewhere I didn’t want it to go. Gang fucked…not what I had in mind as fun.

“You trusted me tonight,” Parker said, “trust me when I tell you that you’ll love my friends and what they can do for you! Not many people can orgasm for hours at a time, you’re so lucky. I wish I were you. You’ll see!”

Then Parker fell into my arms again, kissed me and made me feel wonderful again.

“You are going to be sore tomorrow,” she teased me. She had after all fucked my virgin ass for forty five minutes! It felt like five minutes to me…how could so much time have gone bi.

“Body orgasm,” Parker said as we snuggled against each other, both of us thinking ahead to the experiences that were to follow.

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