18 August 2021

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1.Click on the connection underneath


2.After tapping on the connection underneath ...the connection will open

3.When it opens .Tap on {AM NOT A ROBOT}..Please recall the site is brimming with Adverts....so you disregard it....make sure you click on {AM NOT A ROBOT}

4.Note the site is loaded with Adverts so if it's not too much trouble, ensure you disregard it and furthermore close the Advert taps when it opens

5.After tapping on [AM NOT A ROBOT} then you currently tap on [CLICK HERE}just after [AM NOT A ROBOT}

6.Remember when you tap on the [CLICK HERE BUTTON} such countless adverts taps will open simply close them...just ensure you tap on the [CLICK HERE]

7.After taping on [CLICK HERE] it will guide you to an alternate site on an alternate new tap called [FILEHOSTER].Please recollect not close this tap

8.Then after that return to where you click [AM NOT A ROBOT]then you scrow down a tad and afterward you tap on [CONTINUE].

9.After tapping on [CONTINUE] it will open another new tap...but make sure to return to where you taped on [CONTINUE] then you will see [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK]in a green catch kindly don't tap on it scrow down a tad and you will see [GET LINK]in a green catch simply tap on it.

10.After tapping on [GET LINK] it will open another tab.

11.Finally you need to return to where you taped on the [GET LINK] then, at that point BOOM you will watch the video on the best way to get more fit .....thank you

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