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18 August 2021

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Have a software development project you need to be done right the first time? Count on the talented and skilled developers at Zibtek. Based in the US, but with worldwide developers, we combine a top-notch custom coding team with PMs that act as your strategic partners affordably.

The Zibtek difference is our practical agile swarming software development process, where every developer on the Zibtek team follows and can support you with compelling ways to save your project budget, time, and thus optimize ROI. We are true team members with you. Yes, most of our developers are off-shore, but you also work with an experienced and proven US-based project manager to ensure your needs are being met and within budget. Our developers are the most highly-trained in the world with new technologies and coding trends, to ensure your projects work not just today, but tomorrow and years from now.

Looking to build high-performance mobile or Web-based applications? The excellent resource and staff augmentation of Zibtek provides expert, highly-skilled developers for your .NET Framework project, as it provides a consistent, object-oriented programming environment.

Whether you need .Net Core, ASP.Net, Entity Framework, ADO.Net or Xamarin, VB, C#, C++, Ms., or SQL, the Zibtek .NET developers are immediately available to start bringing you value and expertise. Plus, with our agile engagement model, you can scale up or down to meet project demand.

Hire the Zibtek custom Python developers for frontend/backend web and application development. Our skilled team is experienced with building apps cross-device with Python, including Django and Flask development.

We also provide python django vs flask comparison and provide the better one for you. You can ask for any desired web development. We can customize that for you as per your requirements. You will surely have no complaints against us.

As Python is a very accessible language, it has a lot of great libraries on top of it that make your work easier. A large number of Python libraries that exist, helps to focus on more exciting things than reinventing the wheel.

At Zibtek, our developers cover the entire Java ecosystem to create scalable and cost-efficient applications, from portals and custom dashboards to IoT frameworks. Our highly-trained development team covers the Java Enterprise Edition and associated APIs, application servers, and frameworks, which helps firms automate their workflows. From building powerful mobile and web apps to implementing full-fledged enterprise software solutions, our expert Java developers are ready to accelerate your projects and deliver custom software apps that support your business objectives. The pythondjango vs flask is our best feature that we provide to you.

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